Puppet Central


While working at the Edwardsville Public Library, I had many experiences using puppetry. I wrote and performed over 30 puppet plays. I am no longer offering puppet plays. Many of the shows that I authored are listed on this site for you to use. I do ask that you give me attrition, let me know that you are using my scripts, and give me a report on how it went and how the audience reacted.

                                                                                  I use lap puppets including "Samantha" ...             


                                 my sassy ape puppet to my storytelling performances. She tells jokes, sings and interacts with the audience..

As part of my story times, I used the monkey mitt for fillers between stories and wrote some of my own verses for them.

I used to perform shadow puppets. Since I no longer perform them, I give free use to the scripts I wrote.

                                              Below you will find my workshops, papers, directions, and my original puppet plays.


                                                                                                               Holiday Shows







                                                                                              Valentine's Day






                                                                                                             Character Building


I wrote these puppet plays as a challenge to myself to write a puppet show a week during my pre-school parent storytimes. Many of them not only have the puppet play, but the puppeteer comes out during the play to tell (or read) a story that goes along with the theme. After each title, there is the character trait highlighted in the story.






                                                                                        Special-themed Puppet Plays