A Stocking for Christmas



                                                                                Marilyn A. Kinsella

PUPPETS: Witch Gwendolyn, Bud, Santa, Girl puppet

PROPS: little stocking, big stocking, stocking stuff, coal and sticks

(small stocking is hung the large one can be flipped over using an attached string)

Time: The day before St. Nick’s


ACT I (at Bud's house - the day before St. Nick's)

B.  Oh Boy, St. Nicholas Day is almost here.  I’ve hung my stocking with care.  I hope I get some neat things in my stocking...maybe some peppermint sticks, a yo-yo, and a bottle of bubbles would be nice. Oh look, here comes Witch Gwendolyn.

W.    If it isn’t, Bud.  Well, Bud ole Buddy, I guess you are all ready for St. Nick’s Day.

B.  I sure am.  I’ve hung my stocking up.  Now I just have to wait for St. Nick.

W.    I’ve got my stocking, too.  But it’s not a puny little, pathetic stocking like yours.

B.  Is that right?  Well, what kind of stocking do you have?

W.    (flips over the big stocking) The ultimate, super-duper, giant maximus stocking.

B.  Wow, I’ve never seen a stocking that big.  Where did you get it?

W.    Designed it myself.  Pretty nifty, eh? St Nick can stuff this stocking with all kinds of cool stuff.

   B.  Oh yeah, like what?

W.    Let see, I want a 10- speed bike and a 12- load CD

                    I want a mini-cam and an  50” wide-screen TV

                    I want a Ford F 1-50 truck  with four on the floor

                    I want a 600 Super Sport Honda delivered to my door.

                    I want a 600 megahurtz, digital,computerized Dell

                    I want a 40-foot yacht, that would be just swell

                    I want an F-14 Fighter Jet that never misses

                    And I want a thousand pounds of delicious Hershey Kisses.

B.  That might be a tad over the line, Ms. Gwendolyn.  You just might get a reputation of being (dare I say) greedy.

W. Hah!  Au contraire, my little man. Tomorrow morning is St. Nicholas Day.  And Idare say that the bigger the stocking the bigger the prize.

B.  We shall see. (both exit)

(take off both stockings)

ACT II  (The next morning) 

B.  (has stuff from stocking attached to hand) Oh, goody-goody! Look at the goodies.

W.    (has stick and coal attached to hand)  Hee-haw!  Lookee what St. Nick brought me – a stick and some coal.  See I told you bigger is better. 

B.  Excuse me!  A dumb ole stick and a piece of coal is better than my stuff?…no way.

W.    Oh yeah, well this may look like a dumb ole stick to you, but in my hands it becomes a magic wand (ta-da)  It becomes an official Harry Potter’s broom – a Nimbus 2000 (zoom-zoom). It becomes a gear- shift on my new XK 40 (rum-rum-rummmm).  And what do I have here? A piece of coal?  No, no.  This is charcoal to make great pictures.  This is a shiny black ebony gemstone – fit for a king !  Too bad you only got a stocking full of candy and toys (tsk-tsk-tsk).

B.  Gaaalleee!  You did get some swell presents.  I wish I St. Nick had given me a stick and some coal.

     W.   Really?  You know, Bud, I realize you are young, and to be truthful, St. Nick has given me plenty of sticks and coal in the past…so, out of the goodness of my pea pickin’ heart and the true Christmas spirit, I’ll swap with you.

      B.  Cool!  I don’t care what the rest of the people say.  You’re one baaaad  witch.

(exchange stockings as they exit)


(Witch G has the little stocking)

W.    (walking across the stage until she bumps into Santa)  Heh, heh, heh. Poor Bud didn’t even see what hit him.  Now, I have the cool stocking and Bud…(as Santa rises she bumps into him) Wha?  Oh-oh!

S.  Ms. Gwendolyn!  For goodness sake.  You know that I see you when you’re sleeping. I know when you’re awake. I know when you have been bad or good, and I  keep an updated, computerized list of those who are naughty and nice.  And you, Ms. Gwendolyn, are definitely on the naughty list for that terrible trick you played on Bud…telling him that you switched because of the true meaning of Christmas. True meaning, indeed!  I must remind you that Christmas is right around the corner.  And if you don’t find the real, true meaning of Christmas before then, there will not be one present under the tree with your name on it. Not one, not one iota, not even a crumb!  Do I make myself clear?

W.    Clear as a church bell. (both exit)

ACT IV  (the day of Christmas Eve)

W.    Here it is the day before Christmas and I still haven’t found the true meaning of Christmas.  Everybody says something different like “tis better to give than receive” and “give from the heart.”  How will I ever figure this out! (sees young girl shivering across the stage and walks over)  What’s the matter, little missy?  Why are you shivering in the cold?  Why aren’t you home with your family enjoying Christmas?

G.  I have no family so I won’t have any Christmas this year.  I live on the streets.  It’s so cold.  My Christmas wish is to get warm and have something to eat.

W.    No Christmas!  Why I live alone and I always have enough for Christmas.  Why don’t you follow me home.  You can get warm and we can share some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies.

G.  Thank you.  I’d like that very much!


ACT V (at Witch Gwendolyn’s home)

W.    Come on in, Girlie, the fire is burning and the hot chocolate is on the stove. (Santa comes in instead)  What?  What are you doing here? Where is that poor, homeless girl

S.  That was me back there on the street.  I disguised myself as that little girl to see if you finally understood the true meaning of Christmas.  And because you were going to help that little homeless child, you will be rewarded this year for your kindness. So, what will it be, Ms Gwendolyn? The F-14 Fighter Jet? the 600 megahurtz Computer?...1000 pounds of Hershey's Kisses?

W.    Well, Santy, I don’t want any of those things.  If there’s one thing I learned this Christmas is that it is better to give than receive.  So my Christmas wish comes from the heart and it is this: I wish that every boy and girl who listened to this puppet show be given a treat as a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

        S.  Ho, ho, ho!  That is a good wish! Let’s all sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas.” And don’t forget your treat – compliments of Witch Gwendolyn.

                                             I gave out candy canes in little paper cut-out stockings.