Shaggy the Shamefully Dirty Dog


                                                     by: Marilyn A. Kinsella


PUPPETS:  Bud, Shaggy Dog, Cat, Hen  

PROPS: Scrub brush on Budís hand: pieces of black/brown felt that can be attached and unattached with Velcro; baby powder; tree or vine on one side of stage

NOTE: There is one tricky part. When the cat is in the tree, you can't see her because you have to have that hand free for Bud to come into picture. As he climbs the tree, have him disappear but keep on talking as you put on the cat puppet.


Act 1  (Bud is on stage. He has a bar of soap and/or a scrub brush in his hand. Shaggy is peeking in and out)

B.    Oh, Shaggy, Where are you, boy?  Lookee here, boy.  Iíve got something you like.  Come on, boy.  Come here.

S.     (make whimpering sounds as Bud gets close) 

B.    Come on.  Itís time for your bath.  Youíre getting a mighty woofily smell about you, old boy.  Come here so we can get you nice and clean so you smell as fresh as an Irish spring.

S.     (whimpers- shakes head)

B.    Now, Shaggy, you know you like your bathy time. Lots of bubbles!  Lots of fun!

S.     (barks and runs off stage)

B.    Shaggy, donít run away.  Please, come back!  (to audience)  I hope Shaggy comes back home.


ACT 2 

K.   Meow, that was pretty good.  Bud is angry at Shaggy so Shaggy ran away.  That dog is always chasing me up trees and growling at me.  Ha, ha - now Bud will be my best friend.  Look, here comes that smelly bag of fur now.  (Shaggy enters)  Hey Shaggy.  You want to chase me up a tree? 

S.     No.  Iím running away from home.  Bud wants to give me a bath.  And I hate baths - especially ones with soap and water.  At least now I wonít have to put up with your caterwauling anymore.   

K.   Canít say Iíll miss you either.  Go chase your tail somewhere else.


ACT 3 (put some baby powder under Hen and set her on top) 

H.    (brauck! Brauck!)  Look who has come to my barnyard for a visit.  Itís that smelly ole canine, Shaggy, from town. Brauck!  Hey Shaggy, what are you doing here? 

S.     Hi, Henrietta. Iím running away from home. Bud is trying to drown me in bubbles, so I hit the road. 

H.    Thatís terrible!  Whenever I want to get clean, I just scratch around in the dirt and ruffle my feathers.  Itís called frazzling.   Why donít you try it, Shaggy?

S.     Anything is better than being pelted with Palmolive.

(both wiggle around so powder raises up) 

H.    There!  Isnít that refreshing? 

S.     (sneezing)  I donít think so.  I must be allergic to your cleaner.

H.    Allergic?  Why dust is 99 and 44 one-hundredths percent pure!

S.     (sneezing)  Well, that 56 one-hundredths percent is killing me.  Thanks anyway Henrietta. But I think Iíll go visit Happy the Hog.  Maybe he has an idea.

H.    Brauck!  I suppose frazzling just isnít for everyone.


ACT 3   (Shaggy re-enters dirtier than before Ė more felt pieces) 

S.     Whoa!  Happy thinks heís in hog heaven while taking a mud bath.  But it just made my fur all smelly and sticky.  I think Iíll just have to go back to Bud.  Oh, look, here he comes now.  (goes up to Bud and happily barks) 

B.    What a strange dog!  Go home you dirty ole dog.  Go away. (exits) 

S.     (Whimpering till Bud leaves)  Bud didnít recognize me.  What am I going to do now? 

K.   (off stage meowing loudly - out of sight for this scene) 

S.     Thatís Katie.  I wonder whatís wrong.  Katie where are you? 

K.   Iím up here on the top of this tree and I canít get down.  Please help me.

S.     Katie, you know I canít climb trees.

K.   But you have to help me.

S.     I know Iíll keep barking till I get someoneís attention (keep barking) 

B.    (enters)  Whatís all that noise?  Why itís that strange dog and heís barking at that tree.  What is it?  What do you see?  (cat - meow)  Oh, itís Katie.  Sheís caught at the top of this tree.  Donít worry Katie Iíll rescue you.  (looks like heís climbing a tree to the right of the stage and exits, but you still hear Budís voice)  Thatís it girl. (meow) Come here.  Iíll take you back. (meow) Thatís it.  (exchange Bud for cat puppet while talking) Go ahead jump down on the ground.

K.   (enters) MEOW! 

S.     Are you okay? 

K.   My fur is ruffled a bit, but otherwise Iím okay. You save my life - boy. (look at audience - get it lifebouy? ) Thanks for helping me.  I wish I could do something to show my appreciation. 

S.     Well, actually you can.  Bud doesnít recognize me.  Can you help me get rid of all this dirt and grime?

K.   Yes, but itís going to seem rather gross.  You see, us felines from coast to coast (get it Ė coast?) keep our fur clean and shiny by licking our coats clean.  So, if you want Iíll lick your fur clean.

S.     Iím willing to try anything so Bud will recognize me.

K.   All right.  Just hold still.  (take felt pieces off Shaggy)

K.   Phtt! Gack! Orgk!  What were you doing - rolling around in pig slobber?

S.     Yeah, well, kind of. I never thought Iíd hear myself say this butÖthanks Katie.

K.    Yeah, whatever. If youíll excuse me I have to wash my mouth out with high-powered -extra strength Listerine. (exits)

S.  I just hope Bud recognizes me. I promise that I will keep squeaky clean from now on! Oh, here comes Bud Ė Woof! Woof!

B.    Shaggy, my good doggie. Iím so glad to see you.  Iím so glad that that strange, dirty dog is gone. You are my good doggie, arenít you?.  And, just to show how happy I am to have you back, Iím going to give you an extra big bubble bath.

S.     (barks happily and nods his head) Woof!  Woof!

B.    Thatís right, Shaggy, letís sing our soap song. 

Soap, soap, we like soap

Soap in the hand or soap on a rope

Weíre no dope

Cause we like soap

Soap, soap, soap!