Marilyn A. Kinsella

PUPPETS:  Bud and Sally Jean

PROPS:    A rainbow (with no color blue) for the side of the stage in Act 2

 ACT 1    (Bud and Sally Jean appear on stage) 

S.     Hi Bud, youíre looking mighty blue.  Whatís got you down in the dumps?

B.    Oh, just about everything.  My baseball team hasnít won one game; my hamster is sick; and Iíve lost my lunch money.

S.     Wow!  You sure have a dark cloud following you around.  But, you know what they say - behind every cloud thereís a rainbow to chase the blues away. 

B.    Who said that? 

S.     The storyteller did when she came to tell us stories about being hopeful. 

B.    I was probably sick.  Iím just hopeless. 

S.     Nothing is ever hopeless.  Just listen to the story the storyteller told us. 

(Storyteller comes out and tells ďThe First RainbowĒ - a story from the book Stories the California Indians Told.)

Act 2  (Add the rainbow to the side of the stage - without the color blue in it)

B.    That story gave me a new outlook.  You know, my team isnít so bad.  We have some good hitters and with just a little more work we can win.

S.     Thatís the spirit, Bud! 

B.    And Iíll take my hamster to the vet.  Iíll bet she knows whatís wrong with it and in no time Harry will be as good as new. 

S.     By george, I think youíve got it!  And since you lost your lunch money, Iíll share my lunch with you.  That is if you donít mind bologna and grape jelly on crackers,

B.    My favorite.  You are right, Sally Jean, with just a little hope things can turn around and you can make the best of a bad situation. 

S.     And look, Bud, thereís your very own rainbow.  Letís sing the rainbow song.  All of you can join in if you like. Rainbow song by Ella Jenkins:

I know the colors of the rainbow/ I know them very well Iíd say

And if any colors are missing/ Iíd know it right away - Iíd know it right away.

Red - Red is the color of the rainbow/ I know it very well Iíd say

And if any color was missing/ Iíd know it right away - Iíd know it right away

 ( sing the song for Orange, yellow, green, purple - but not blue) 

 (repeat 1st verse)

B.    Wait a minute, wait a minute.  There is a color missing.  Boys and girls do you know what color is missing?  (wait for the answer ďblueĒ)

B.    Thatís right the color blue.  Blue is always in a rainbow.

S.  Yes, Bud, I know that, you know that, the boys and girls know that. But this is your rainbow, Bud.  Designed especially for you - to give you hope when the dark clouds start gathering.  (a little louder) Itís the rainbow that chases the blues away!