Crocodile Smile



                                                                       Marilyn A. Kinsella

 PUPPETS: Crocodile (or alligator), Man puppet as Dentist, Monkey, Tooth Fairy

 PROPS: cloth to wrap around croc's mouth.


ACT ONE: (Miss Molly Crocodile is on stage with a cloth wrapped around her mouth muffling her voice as she speaks.) 

CR:  Ooooh, ooow!  (crying noises)

(Knock at the door)

CR:  (muffled voice) Who’s there?

MO:  It’s me, Mookey monkey.\ 

CR:  (muffled) Come on in.

MO: Good Golly, Miss Molly, what’s wrong?\

CR:  (distorted voice due to toothache) I have a toothache

MO:  A toupee? 

CR:  No, a toothache. 

MO: A milk shake?

CR.  Noooooo! (slowly) a toothache.

MO: Oh a toothache

CR:  Yes, and it hurts.

MO:  A crocodile with a toothache.  That’s pretty funny.

CR:  Funny?  How can you laugh when I am in so much pain.

MO:  Don’t you get it?  All those sharp teeth and nothing to eat.  Say, I have a joke.  I just made it up.  You want to hear?

CR: No

MO:  Okay it goes like this.  Why did the tooth hate the dentist who went golfing on the weekend?

CR: I don’t know. Why? 

MO:  Because he liked to make a hole in one.  Get it? A hole in one…tooth…a dentist?    Oh never mind.  Speaking of dentists, I think it’s time for you see Dr. Pepper.

CR:  Oh please, not the dentist.  I don’t like the dentist. (boo-hoo) 

MO:  What!  Crocodile tears!  You are such a baby.  There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.  If you had taken care of your teeth – brushed, flossed and seen your dentist 2 times a year, you wouldn’t be in this mess.  Now come on. It’s Dr. Pepper time.

CR. (cries as they leave stage)

ACT TWO:  at the Dentist office. (Molly has tie off her mouth.)

DR.  Say “Ahhh” Miss Molly.


DR.  Yes, I see the blessed tooth.

CR.  Blessed? Why do you call it blessed.

DR. Well, it’s holy – get it holey?

CR. You and Mookey – such comedians!  You should take your act on the road.

DR.  No time, Miss Molly, I have to remove this tooth. 

CR.  You mean as in “pull”?

DR.  That’s right. It’s rotten to the core, so the best thing is to get it out of there.

CR. (Boo-hoo) 

DR.  What are you crying about?  You know that the tooth fairy will visit you and leave some money. 

CR.  Tooth fairy?  What’ s that? 

DR.  The tooth fairy is a magical creature that flies around at night looking for teeth under pillows.  Whenever the tooth fairy finds a tooth, it will leave a little money in it’s place.   Pretty nifty, eh? 

CR.  Money for teeth?  Gee, with all these teeth I’ll be one rich crocodile.

DR.  Open your mouth and close your eyes and you will be for a big surprise…(act like he is pulling tooth as they exit)


ACT THREE:  Miss Molly is getting ready for bed. 

CR.  That really wasn’t so bad.  And I feel so much better now.  I have the tooth under my pillow.  I sure hope the tooth fairy comes tonight. I could sure use that money.

(rolls over and pretend sleep with snoring noise)

TF.  (tooth fairy flies around)  Oh, look, Miss Molly is asleep. I’ll just do a quick check under her pillow.  (flies by Miss Molly)  Yippee, skippy!  A crocodile tooth – the luckiest kind. I’ll just leave some money for her to find. (zoink!)


ACT FOUR:  the next morning 

CR. (yawns) Oh what sweet dreams I had.  I was floating down the great, green Limpopo river, munching on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when…wait, where’s my tooth.  Look, the tooth fairy was here and she left me a whole dollar!  A dollar won’t buy much, but I know what I’m going to buy.


ACT FIVE: later that day along the road

MO. Hey, Miss Molly, how did the dentist go.

CR.  Just great.  He pulled my tooth and the tooth fairy left me a dollar.  I went right out and bought some tooth stickers for all my friends.  Now they will have a reminder to take care of their teeth every day, but especially during February, National Tooth Month.