The Turkey Day Parade



                                                        Marilyn A. Kinsella


PUPPETS: Tom Turkey, Shaggy dog (H.R.), Ladybug, Betty butterfly, Merlin Wizard, Vel-Crow, Santa 

PROPS: The turkey needs to be a bird that you can add a tail to it - one plain turkey tail, one fancy turkey tail (I made these out of tissue paper), small flag, wand, marching band tape recording, tape player, microphone, speaker 

ACT 1 - on Main Street, USA, the day before Thanksgiving. 

T.     I am so excited!  Tomorrow is the big Turkey Day Parade.  Just think of it - floats, balloons, clowns and the All- Animal Marching Drill Team.  I wonder who will be lucky enough to lead the parade as the grand marshal.  Here comes H.R. Fluff Ďn Stuff. Maybe he knows. Hey, H.R., are you ready for the big day tomorrow?

H.    Sure am, Tom.  Iíve been washing and combing and moussing my long beautiful hair.  And now itís soft and silky to the touch.  Isnít it lovely?

T.     Yeah, sure wish I had something long and beautiful for the parade. Thatís something the grand marshal would have to lead the parade. Well, see ya tomorrow.

H.    Iíll throw you some candy, bye! (exits)

T.     Bye.  Well, here comes Lilly LadyBug. (enters)  Sheís such a lady.  Hi, Lilly.  Are you as excited as I am about the Turkey Day Parade?

L.     Iíll say, Tom, Iíve been waxing and polishing my black spots until they became shiny and bright.  You can even see your reflection in these dots.  Go ahead look!  Arenít they dazzling?

T.     Whoa!  Iíll say they are.  Iíll need sunglasses to look at themÖthey are so bright. Sure wish I had something shiny and bright for the parade.

L.     Ooops, I have to go.  I just saw a spot on one of my spots.  Iíll wave to you at the parade, Tom. Bye!  (exits)

T.     That will be great, Lilly. (butterfly enters)  Why Betty, fancy meeting you here.  I thought youíd be out getting ready for the parade.

B.    Thatís exactly what Iím doing.  I went to the butterfly house and had my wings clipped and dry cleaned.  Arenít they colorful?

T.     Why Disney would be jealous of your wonderful wings of color.  I sure wish I had something colorful to wear to the parade.

B.    I hate to flutter and run, but I need to practice some maneuvers for the air show during the parade to show off my wings.  Iíll see you tomorrow at 9:00 sharp. (exits)

T.     Gosh!  Everybody has something special for the parade.  Maybe if I go see Merlin, the Wizard, heíll have a magic spell so I can have something special, too. (exits)


ACT II - At Merlinís castle   (Merlin (right) on stage hears a knock at the door. Put Turkey on left hand)

M.  Oh, good, I hope thatís the delivery boy with my new super-electronic hubble- bubble telescope.  Come in!

T.     Hello, Merwin.  Glad I found you at home. 

M.  Why, hello, Tom.  Say youíre looking a little down in the beak.  You have a problem?

T.     I sure do.  Tomorrow is the Turkey Day Parade and I donít have anything special about me to be a part of the All-Animal Marching Drill Team.

M.  Special, eh?  Like what kind of special did you have in mind?

T.     Oh, like something long and beautiful, shiny and bright and very colorful.

M.  Ah, yes, I see.

T.     Do you have a magic spell that will help me out?

M.  Why, yes, of course - few magic words; a wave of my trusty wand and voila! Ready?

T.     Ready and willing.

M.  Okay, here it goes: 

                                      Alla Ka Ba-ba/ Alla Ka Zeathers

                                      Give this fowl bird/ Some gorgeous tail feathers! 

T.     Are they there?  Did it work? 

M.  No, my fair-featherless friend.  This is two-part magic.  Now, you have to do your part.

T.     Part?  What part?  You didnít say anything about a part.

M.  I just assumed that every one knows that true magic has two parts.  All you need to do is perform some random act of kindness, some selfless, do-gooder deed, and the magic will happen.

T.     A selfless, do-gooder deed!  I donít have time to do a selfless, do-gooder deed.  The parade is less than 12 hours away.

M.  Sorry, thatís the best I can do with magic.  These things canít be hurried.  But, perhaps, just in case, youíd like to make yourself a set of tail feathers.  Thereís some scissors, glue and construction paper in the bottom right hand drawer.  Youíre welcome to it.

T.     Thanks, Merlin,  I can always count on you. (both exit)


ACT III - Back on Main Street before the big parade on Thanksgiving Day.

T.     (Tom (right) enters wearing his hand-made tail feathers) Ah, the big day is finally here.  Got these tail feathers done just in time.  Not too shabby of a job either, if I do say so myself.  Now I can proudly march with the All-Animal-Marching-Drill Team.  I can hardly wait to show the others.  Look, here comes my old pal, Vel-crow.  Hey, Vel, how you doing?

V.    Not so good, Tom.  I was practicing for the air show over the parade.  I was doing my famous double, loop-de-loop, triple by-pass, when I was caught in a sudden downdraft.  All my feathers were sheared off, and I crashed landed.  Luckily, I didnít break anything but my pride.  Looks like I wonít be a part of the air show this year.

T.     Not part of the air show.  But youíre a one-of-a-kind crowd pleaser. All the boys and girls look forward to your daring-do.  They will be so disappointed.

V.    Yes, I know.  But no feathersÖno show.

T.     Well, I have some feathers.  You can use mine.

V.    Are you sure, Tom?  Youíd save the day, if you gave me those feathers.

T.     Yeah, well, thereís always next year for me to be in the parade.  Letís go down to the hangar, and Iíll fit these feathers to your wings. (both exit)

V.    (flies across the stage with new wings)  Caw! Caw!  Thank you, Tom Turkey!!


ACT IV (right before the parade - Tom (left) - with his beautiful tail feathers on - is off to the left side with his head down gobbling and crying)


T.     Thereís always next year.  Thereís always next year.  If I keep saying it, Iíll believe it - Thereís always next year to be in the parade. (As animals come in Tom is still whimpering - oblivious to them) 

L.     (Ladybug (right) enters and looks at audience)  Who is that gorgeous creature?  Why I have never seen anyone with such spectacular spots.  I need to get H.R. Fluff Ďn Stuff to see this.  (exits calling ďH.R.  come here look at this?Ē Be putting on H.R. - right)

H.    (walks over to Tom ) Lilly was right.  This gorgeous creature is shiny and bright and  just look at those long and beautiful feathers.  I think Iíll go tell Betty.  She wonít believe it.  (exits calling ďBetty, Betty come down here for a minute.  Iíve got something to tell you.Ē take off dog and put on Butterfly - right)

B.    (Butterfly enters and hovers over Tom)  H.R. and Lilly are right.  I Ďve never seen such a colorful creature in my life.  I wonder what this animal is.  Excuse me, who are you?

T.     What? Oh, hi Betty. 

B.    Tom?  Is that you?

T.     Yes, of course itís me.  Who did you think it was?

B.    Well, Lilly, H.R. and I werenít sure.  Weíve never seen anyone with such long and beautiful, bright and shiny and super-techni-colored tailfeathers.

T.     What!  Tailfeathers did you say? (turns to look at feathers) Oh, my goodness.  How did they get there?  Was it the wizard?  What did he say about a selfless, do-gooder deed?  Was giving my tailfeathers to Vel-Crow my random act of kindness?

B.    Whatever, Tom.  The animals have already voted, and we want you to be the Grand Marshal of the Turkey Day Parade.  What do say, Tom? 

T.     Why Iíd be honored.  The parade starts in just a few minutes.  Iíll see you there.


ACT V - the parade - (announcer on microphone is not seen; play Sousa music on tape.  Put flag on Tom on left hand and Ladybug on right hand)

A.    (off stage - on mic)  Welcome, welcome to the annual Turkey Day Parade.  The weather is just perfect. We have giant balloons and fantastic floats to show you.  But as an added surprise, this year we have leading our parade none other than that famous gobbler of yore - Tom Turkey (enter)  Letís have a great big cheer for Tom.  And following Tom in the world renown All Animal Marching Drill Team is Lilly Ladybug.  A nice round of applause for Lilly (both exit- put on H.R.)  And right behind Ladybug is that furry, lovable bag of fluff, H.R. Fluff Ďn Stuff. (enters) Letís put our paws together for a warm and fuzzy welcome for H.R. (exits - put on Butterfly and Crow)  And now, as part of the air show, here come Betty and Vel-Crow (enter and fly around).  Wow, look at the stunts they learned this year.  Such a colorful display.  I do believe that Vel-Crow hasÖyes he doesÖ a new set of wings.  Way to goÖ Vel-Crow!  (both exit - put Santa on right and turkey on left)  And now for our traditional ending of the Turkey Day Parade, we are proud to bring you the jolly old man in the red suitÖSanta Claus! (enters with a ďho-ho-hoĒ) Do you have a couple of words for the boys and girls watching our parade? (turn off tape) 

S.     Ho, ho, hoÖYes, I do. You know at Christmas Iíll be back with a bag full of toys and treats for all you good boys and girls.  But for now my bag is full of the spirit of the holidays - the spirit of giving.  My good friend, Tom Turkey, understood that when he gave away his feathers to help others. That kind of gift can only come from the heart.  Come out here, Tom (Tom enters) Letís wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  

T.     Gobble-gobble-gobble HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

S.      Ho, ho, ho And Tom, thanks for giving!  The end.