Too Much Noise On Halloween Night


                                    Adapted folktale with audience participation by Marilyn Kinsella


Before the puppet show starts, review with the listeners this participation: 


Cauldon bubbling – bl, bl, bl with finger to lips;


Ghost’s wail – oooooo;


Cat’s – Meow;


skeletons dance – clicketty-clack (3x);


witch’s cackle – hee, hee, hee.

PUPPETS: Witch and Owl

PROPS: Cauldron, cut-outs with Velcro that can be stuck onto the stage – ghost, cat, skeleton, and witch. 

ACT ONE: Halloween Eve night (the night before Halloween) at Witch Gwendolyn’s house - Witch)

W. Busy night, busy night. But it’s almost time for me to rest these weary bones. I have made enough batwing brew to last me until next Halloween. It’s always best to brew this stuff on the night before Halloween. It just gives it that added bit zing. Let’s see now, I’ve added 2 gallons of swamp water, 3 frog legs, bark from the Eldenberry tree, and a whole mess of bat wings. Oh, almost forgot my secret ingredient – nightshade. (pretends to put a pinch into the pot) Now, for the magic words –

                                                           Kalamakree and Kallamazoo

                                                           Umphry , pumphry, razza ma zoo

                                                           Turn to the left and turn to the right

                                                           Make batwing brew on Halloween night.

There, now that that is finished. I’ll just let it simmer while I take a much needed good night sleep. I want to be rested up for my all-nighter on Halloween (Lays down opposite the cauldron; then start to make the bubble sound)

Who, what…what’s that noise (louder) Oh, dear I’ll never get any rest with all this noise. I can’t just stop boiling this brew or the whole batch will turn bad. I know I’ll go see the wisest animal in these here woods – Owliver the owl! He’ll know what to do. (take the pot off stage)

ACT TWO:  Out in the woods (Owl and Witch)

O. Who, who, who is there?

W. Hey Owliver, it’s me Witch Gwendolyn. I’m glad you weren’t asleep.

O. Oh, you know me, I’m a regular night owl. But, I must say, it’s unusual to see you here this time of night. What’s up?

W. ME! That’s what’s up! And that’s just the problem. It’s so noisy back at my house with the cauldron bubbling that I can’t sleep. Can you help me?

O. Of course, I can help. What you need is a ghost to come home with you and spend some time in your rafters.

W. A ghost you say? Well, you are the wisest animal in the woods. I’ll go get Harvey. He likes to hang around one of his favorite hangout on the old hangin’ tree. Thanks, Owliver.


ACT THREE (Put ghost cut-out on stage Witch and Owl)

W. I don’t know about this. Now, the cauldron is bubbling… and the ghost has been wailing…(oooooo). I’ll never get any shut-eye at this rate. Noise, noise…I hate noise! I’ll just have to go see Owliver. (Witch exits and Owl comes back on then witch)

O. Who, who, who is there? 

W. It’s me again, Witch Gwendolyn. I did as you said, but it’s noisier than ever with that cauldron bubbling and the ghost wailing. Whatever shall I do?

O. There is only one thing to do. Go get a black cat and bring it into the house with you. Then you shall see.

W. Thanks Owlie ole buddy. (both exit)


ACT FOUR   (Put cat cut-out on stage Witch and Owl)

W. I can’t believe this! Now the cauldron is bubbling… and the ghost is wailing…. And that cat is meowing…(Meow!) Earplugs won’t muffle this noise. I’ll have to see Owliver. (exit)

O. Who, who, who is there?

W. (getting grumpy) It’s me. Who were you expecting…the Avon Lady? You’re not going to believe this. It’s louder than ever what with the cauldron boiling over, the ghost wailing and the cat meowing. Whatever shall I do.

O. Only one thing to do. Find a skeleton and bring it home. 

W. A skeleton, you say. A skeleton. Why, I’d have to dig one up at the cemetery, but it’s worth it for a little peace and quiet. (both exit)


ACT FIVE (put skeleton on stage Witch and Owl)

W. Jumpin’ Jahosephat! It’s louder than wearin’ plaids and stripes in here. The cauldron is bubbling…the ghost is wailing…the cat is meowing… and now the skeleton is dancing going (clicketty-clack, clicketty-clack, clicketty-clack). Ahhh! If I don’t get my beauty rest before long, I’ll look like as wrinkled as a bed sheet. Good heavens! Where is Owliver (exit)

O. Who-who-who- is there?

W. Who is there? Who do you think it is? You know, Owliver, for being the brightest light bulb you sure must have blown a fuse on this one. I got to tell you. It’s louder than a roller derby at my house…the cauldron, the ghost, the cat, the skeleton! You’ve got to help me out here. Heaven knows I need my beauty rest. What ever shall I do? 

O. There’s only one thing left to do. 

W. Tell me, tell me what it is. I’ll do it. Just tell me before I lose it and change you into a ferret-face, two- toed, one-eyed, pimply toad.

O. Witch Gwendolyn, you wouldn’t do that. That’s mean.

W. Then tell me what I must do!

O. Okay, for peace and quiet, you must find a witch and invite her into your house.

W. Which witch?

O. Oh really, any witch one will do.


ACT SIX (put up witch cut-out) 

W. Egad! I feel like I’m living in a henhouse when Mr. Fox come a callin’. The cauldron is bubbling… the ghost is wailing….the cat is meowing… the skeleton is dancing… and now the witch is cackling (hee, hee, hee).  I think Owliver is one giggobyte short of a full circuit. (exit) 

(enter Owl)

O. Who, who, who is there?

W. Don’t give me any of that who business.  You know good and well who-who-who it is. It’s me, you moth-ridden, mouse-eating, head swiveling bag of feathers. 

O. I take it the witch thing didn’t exactly work out. 

W. I guess you might just say that. I did everything you asked – right down to the letter and I’m still not getting any sleep. 

O. My, my, my, I guess you will have to resort to desperate measures.

W. Desperate measures for desperate times – I always say.

O. Go back home and rid yourself of the witch, the skeleton, the cat, and the ghost and you shall see.

W. But, but how will I ever get rid of them?

O. I just know you’ll think of something. (exit)


ACT SEVEN (take off all the cut-outs) 

W. Do you hear that….silence! Pure unadulterated… silence. Isn’t it heavenly? Oh I know what your thinking. Your thinking “How did Witch Gwendolyn get everyone to go home?” Elementary, my good audience. You see, I just served up a bit of my batwing brew. Everyone had just turned a tad bit green, when suddenly POOF! They were gone. Owliver really is the wisest animal in these woods. Now, if will pardonee-moi, it’s finally time for me to get some sleep. (Lays down)

(off stage—COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO)

Ahhhh! (faints off stage )