Marilyn A. Kinsella

Puppets: HEN, DUCK, BLUEBIRD, CHICKEN (with "cape" tied around its neck), BARNEY, EASTER RABBIT

Props:  Nest of Mrs. Hen to sit on. You don't need to show eggs - you can pantomime the animals giving her the eggs. For Mrs. Hen’s nest/hat - (Bird’s nest with the three little bluebirds plus a very small hen, duck, chicken, and dinosaur); hats for duck, bluebird, chicken and Barney;; eggs-act-o-meter (can be made of poster board cut in the shape of an arch with numbers 1-10 or sections named "good" "great" "eggsellent" and a pointer attached by a brad so it can be moved from the back side while the audience claps), tape player, recording of “Easter Parade.”

*This puppet show takes preparation and practice

 SCENE 1 - Hen is sitting on a nest to one side of the stage. One animal at a time comes forward with an egg for her to sit on while they go to buy an Easter bonnet or basket for the Easter parade. Each pretends to put an egg in the nest before exiting.

H.    (Hen noises) Oh, my!  An egg and just in time for Easter.  I’ll stay right here and keep it nice and warm.  I do hope it hatches in time for me to get an Easter bonnet.  The big parade will be held on State Street and just everyone who is anyone will be there to show off their new bonnet.  The one who has the best bonnet wins first prize - two front row seats to hear my all-time favorite Eggle-bert Humperdink.  But first things first I always say.  And the first thing is to hatch this egg. (“sing” Rock-a-bye Baby in hen’s voice.)

D.    (enters making duck noises as if very upset) 

H.    (brauck!)  What’s the matter Mrs. Paddywackel?  You seem to a bit down in the beak. 

D.    (Quack!)  You are very observant Mrs. Henpeckel.  I am so upset.  Easter is almost here and I don’t have time to buy a new hat for the parade.  Whatever will I do? 

H.    (Brauck)  But you have plenty of time.  I hear they have a nice selection of hats over at Hats-R-Us.  Why don’t you waddle on over and pick one out.

D.    (Quack!)  Don’t think I’m not tempted.  But I have this egg I have to keep warm.  Motherhood!  They never taught us about this Egg-hatching 101.

H.    (Brauck)  Well, you are one lucky duck, because I’m sitting on my nest and I don’t mind in the least keeping your egg nice and warm till you pick out the right hat.  After all,  us birds of a feather must stick together!

D.    Eggsellent idea, Mrs. Henpeckel.  I shan’t be too long. I’ll just put my Lucky Duckling in your nest. Tootles! (places egg in Hen’s nest and exits.)

H.    (Brauck)  Now my little chickadee will have some company.  I do hope Mrs. Paddywackel comes back in time for me to look for my bonnet.

R.    (enter singing - “I’m blue, oh so blue, I’m blue, blue, blue, blue…) Oh, hi there Mrs. Henpeckel.  How are you doing on this fine spring day? 

H.    Oh, I’m just fine.  Sitting on my nest is what I do best.  But what is that disgusting thing dangling from your mouth?

R.    This?  This is my lunch.  I spotted this big juicy worm from my nest in the tree.  Can’t leave my nest too long though or those beautiful blue eggs of mine - I call them Snip, Snap and Snur, will get cold.  Such a shame, too.  I was so looking forward to buying a new bonnet - maybe something with a little blue in it to match my blue eyes would have been nice. Oh well, there’s always next year. 

H.    Now Ms Bluebird, it just won’t be the same at the Easter Parade without you there.  You are as beautiful as the sky itself.  I tell you what I’m already sitting on my nest waiting for My Little Chickadee and Lucky Duckling.  So just bring Snip, Snap and Snur down here and we’ll have a regular egg fest. 

R.    Oh, Mrs. Henpeckel, how will I ever be able to thank you!

H.    You can thank me by stop singing the blues and come right back after you select the perfect Easter bonnet. 

R.    No problem.  They don’t call me a birdbrain for nothing!  I’ll just get those three eggs and slip them into your nest before you can say “bouncing baby bluebirds” three times.

H.  (brauck!) Bouncing baby bluebirds, bouncing baby bluebirds, bouncing baby bluebird!  Now I hope she’s just as fast getting back.  I sure wish I had someone to help me.  Someone I could call…

C.    (Chicken enter singing the Super Chicken song:

When you find yourself in danger,

When you're threatened by a stranger,

When it looks like you will take a lickin', (puk, puk, puk)

There is someone waiting,

Who will hurry up and rescue you,

Just Call for Super Chicken! (puk, ack!)

H.    I can’t believe my luck.  Is it really you Super Chicken?

C.    Of course, it’s me.  And just  why did I cross the road you may well ask ?  Well, I crossed the road to answer the universal   question - “Which came first the chicken or the egg?”   And since I’m here and my egg, Eggbert, is back there on the other side, I think the answer is rather obvious. Wouldn’t you say?

H.    (horrified) You left your egg on the other side of the road?  Super Chicken, what were you thinking.  I know we are all busy with the Easter parade and all, but that’s no excuse for neglecting little Eggbert.  Now you march right back over to the other side and bring that poor egg to me, and I’ll keep it warm till you find the perfect Easter bonnet for the parade tomorrow. 

C.    You got it Mrs. Henpeckel. (goes to the other side of the stage - attach egg to wing and return) I’ll be back before you can say “Chicken in the breadbasket do-si-do!”

H.    (brauck!)  I’ll make that chicken in the  fry pan done-to-a-crisp, if you don’t shake a tail feather and get back!  Oh dear this poor nest to full to overflowing.  I do hope nobody else comes along.

B.    (comes on stage singing - “I love you, You love me, Oh woe, woe, woe, woe…woe is me) Boo-hoo-hoo.

H.    (Brauck..) Barney!  Why I thought you were always happy - singing and dancing; kicking up your purple heels.

B.    Not today.  My wife went to town to buy a new outfit for Easter and left me at home to babysit the egg.  Now, I don’t have time to buy an Easter basket for the Easter Parade.

H.    Now, now there’s no need to act like Baby Bop just because you have to do a little egg-sitting.  Besides, I think I can help you out. 

B.    Really, Mrs. Henpeckel.  What can you do? 

H.    Well, I’m already sitting on my nest waiting for My Little Chickadee, Snip, Snap and Snur, Lucky Duckling, and little Eggbert. So, I may has well keep Barney, Jr. on hold for you while you get your basket ready. 

B.    Why, Mrs. Henpeckel, that is right kind of you.  Here let me put this egg in your nest. And I’ll be back quicker than you can say Tyrannosaurus Rex  (places egg in basket )

      (and exits humming Barney’s song.)

H.    Tyrannosaurus Rex, eh…So why do I have this sinking feeling that Barney might just forget.  Oh, now stop being in such foul humor.  There is still plenty of time to fly into town to buy yourself a new hat.  I’ll just take a short nap. Ahh! (snoring and hen noise)

 SCENE 2  (Hen is still on stage sleeping.  Easter Rabbit approaches) 

E.     Excuse me, Mrs. Henpeckel.  It’s me the Easter Rabbit. Why are you sleeping?  Everyone else is in town getting ready for the Easter Parade.

H.    I know.  I’m not just sleeping I’m keeping everyone’s eggs  warm while they shop.  But they all promised to come back shortly.

E.     Well I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think they’re coming back.  They’ve flown the coop, so to speak.  They are all having supper together at the Little Red Hen Restaurant. 

H.    Well, I guess that they just let time get away from them.  Now I’ll be the only one without a bonnet or a basket.  I just can’t leave this nest.  To paraphrase a rather wise Elephant : “I meant what I said and I said what I meant, a HEN is faithful one hundred per cent!”

E.     Well, Mrs. Henpeckel you are just full of the true Easter spirit - a spirit of forgiveness.  And so I’ll let you in on a little secret - promise not to tell?

H.    Oh, I promise.

E.     Well then let me tell you    (whispers in Hen’s ear) 

H.  (reacts to secret by Braucking)     (Hen and Easter Rabbit exits)

SCENE 3    Easter Rabbit calls each character forward while “Easter Parade” is being played.  Scorekeeper moves eggs-act-o-meter. Hats are placed on each character before they enter.

( Puppetmaster goes around to the front of the stage and talks to the audience. “What could the secret be?  I guess we will find out in the last act of our play.  During the Easter Parade, the Easter Rabbit will announce each of the characters in the play.  They will have on their new bonnet .  Please applaud for you favorite.  This is the eggs-act-o-meter, and I have chosen this young person to be the meter reader.  So remember to clap your hands for your favorite to see who wins first prize.”) 

(Easter Rabbit (or announcer) on one side of the stage.  As animals are announced they walk across the stage and then off stage. Each has on a bonnet or basket. Hen has hat/nest with hatchlings/ This takes time - so, its best to have someone working on this as the puppet first comes off stage)

E.     Welcome to our Annual Easter Parade. (start Easter Parade music)  Our first contestant is Mrs. Paddywackel…….Doesn’t she look lovely?  She just quacks me up. (walk across stage to applause)

      And now looking like springtime herself its Ms. Bluebird……She looks hoppin’ good in her Easter  finery.(walk across stage to applause)

      And, yes, its everyone’s perennial favorite - Super Chicken! …….will Super Chicken take a lickin’?  (walk across stage to applause)

      And here comes Barney looking dapper with a dandy basket.....  (walk across stage to applause)

      Oh, wait there’s one more.  Can it be?  Yes, it is.  It’s Mrs. Henpeckel …….I guess that just goes to disprove that old adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket.  Because, scorekeeper, who one?

       (Why it’s Mrs. Henpeckel)

E.  Let’s have a round of applause for Mrs. Henpeckel and her Chick-a-fil bonnet. And by the way we all wish a Happy Easter!