Marilyn A. Kinsella

Puppet show written for a Storytime where the children were asked to bring socks to be given to the food pantry. The end may need some adjusting.

PUPPETS: Santa, Christmas Fairy, Elf, Boy, Girl, Granny

PROPS: red and white candy cane to flip over while at the North Pole; wrapped present; lists to put around stage; jingle bells and xylophone for sound effects. 


Act One: North Pole - Santa's House

S. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas. My, my, my weíve been busy at the North Pole. I have every elf on the floor trying to fill the Christmas orders. Sometimes we get so busy that even at the North Pole we forget the true meaning of Christmas Ė the spirit of giving. I have decided that this year Iíll send out the Christmas fairy to find someone who is not so ďwrapped upĒ in the trappings of Christmas; someone who can open his or her heart to others. You know, Christmas fairies are busy this time of the year, too. But, all I need to do is say the magic words and my main fairy, Holly Berry, will appear.

Sparkle, sparkle like moonlit snow

Gossamer wings and wand do show

Holly Berry, do not tarry

I need you now to make things merry. (Xylophone)

F. (fairy enters) Heighty, heighty Ė ho,ho,ho. Santa! It is I, Holly Berry, at your service. 

S. I can always count on you, Holly. I have a special mission, should you decide to accept it, for you this Christmas. 

F. Oh Goody! I love a good challenge. What do you have in mind? 

S. Well, you know how commercialized Christmas has become. To be truthful, I guess Iíve had a hand in boys and girls thinking that Christmas was all about getting toys. So, I want to do something that will show the boys and girls that even Santa wants everyone to remember the true meaning of Christmas. If you can find the boy or girl who best shows the spirit of giving, Iíll take them in my sleigh as I travel around the world delivering the presents. 

F. Wow, any boy or girl would give their two front teeth to ride with you. How will you go about doing it?

S. Thatís where you come in. You see, Iím very busy. The elves are planning their big Christmas party and, of course, they want me there.  Mrs. Claus is after me to put up the lights around the North Pole Ė not to mention the back orders on toys this year. So, I was wondering if you could come up with a plan.

F. Hmmm. Let me think about it. Iíll come up with something. 

S. By golly, Holly, I knew you  were the one. Now, off I go, thereís work to be done. (exit)

F. Iím glad Santa puts so much trust in me, but whatever will I do? How will I choose a boy or girl who is a selfless do-gooder? Hmm. What can IÖwait a minute! I just had an idea! Santa is always giving gifts. Maybe this year, the boy or girl who gives Santa the best gift will be the one to ride with Santa. Iíll need a list of all the things Santa would like. Then, I can give it to the boys and girls. They can give me the presents to be opened the day before Christmas and whichever gift Santa loves the most, will be the boy or girl he will take the midnight ride. Iíll go find Jingles the elf. Maybe he has some ideas for gifts for Santa. (exit-xylo) 

ACT 2  (xylo)   (reenter at Santaís Workshop)

F. I hate to bother Jingles. He is so busy putting shipping labels on toys to be sent before Christmas. But, maybe he can talk to me. Jingles, oh Jingles, are you there? (jingle noise)

J. Here I am! Merry, merry and Happy, happy, Holly! Whatís up?

F. Oh, I hate to bother you, but Iím on a secret mission from Santa and I need your help.

J. You are never a bother. Anything I can do to help, I will.

F. Thanks, Jingles. I was hoping that you could get a list of things that Santa would like for Christmas. You know, he works all year to give toys, and books, and treats to good boys and girls all over the world.  Now, I think itís time that they can give a little something back.

J. Sure! Iíll get a list together and even run it off on the Xerox machine. It will be ready by tomorrow morning. 

F.  You are just too much. I owe you a big one. (both exit Ė xylo and jingles) 

ACT 3   (out on the streets Ė a week before Christmas)  (Bud, Sally Jean and lists are posted on the stage) 

B. Wow, the Christmas fairy is looking for the boy or girl who can give Santa the best Christmas present. That is quite a list she posted. Look here comes Sally Jean. Sally, come over here and look at this.

SJ. Hi, Bud. What are you so excited about?

B. Look at this. Whoever gives Santa the perfect gift gets to ride on his sleigh as he delivers the presents. Is that way cool, or what?

SJ. Iíll say! Whatís on the list?

B. Letís see.

                    Thereís a comb for his beard and a shiny buckle for his belt

                     Thereís a new bag for toys and a jolly hat made of felt.

                     Thereís hot chocolate mix for his cold winter ride

                     And thereís Hershey kisses for him to eat on the side.

                     Mittens or gloves or boots with Velcro

                     A set of snow angels to play in the snow.

                     A new pen or pencil with a blue ink blotter

                     Or hard to find tickets to see Harry Potter.

                     A jar of Tylenol or a bottle of Mylanta

                     Thereís even a request for some Socks for Santa.

Socks? Thatís about the dumbest gift I can think of. Iíll get Santa a shiny buckle. Now thatís a cool gift. My mom will give me the money I need to buy it. What will you give Santa?  

SJ. Gosh, Bud, I donít think I can afford any of those gifts. My mom and dad donít have any extra money this year. But, maybe Iíll think of something.  (both exit) 

Act 4 (at Grannyís house Ė early on Christmas Eve Day)   (on stage - Granny, Sally Jean and wrapped present) 

SJ. Hi, Granny! I came over to see how you were doing.

G. Oh, Sally Jean, you know itís always a joy to see you.  

SJ. I made up a card to give you for Christmas. We donít have any money for any extras this year.  

G. Yes, times are hard this year. But, just remember to count your blessings. You have a mother and father that love you very much. You have a roof over your head and you have enough food to eat and clothes to wear. There are a lot of people who would think you are rich.

SJ. I know Granny. I try to remember to be thankful for what I have.

G. Yes, you are a good little girl. Now, thereís a package here for you from me. Bet you canít guess what it is.

SJ. Hmmm! Now what could it be? Is it a pair of your famous, hand-knitted, one-of-a-kind socks?

G. Youíll just have to find out when you open them on Christmas.

SJ. Thank you Granny! (both exit)

 ACT 5 (later on Christmas Eve Day (on stage - Sally Jean, poor little girl puppet, fairy, and gift)

(SJ walks across stage with package in hand Ė poor child huddled in the corner)

SJ. Granny works all year knitting socks for everyone in the family. There is absolutely nothing more comfortable than to slip my toesies into one of her super soft, super warm and snuggly socks. Wait a minute!  Why didnít I think of this before. I can give these socks to Santa. Granny makes one-size-fits-all. This will be the greatest gift Santa could ever receive. Then maybe the Christmas fairy will choose me to ride in his sleigh.  Iíll rush right over to bring my gift. I hope Iím not too late.

(starts to leave when she sees poor little girl) 

SJ. Oh, hello. I didnít see you. Whatís your name? And why arenít you home with your family? 

P. Hello, my name is Patty. I donít have a mother or father. I live here on the streets, because I donít have a home to live in. Iím so cold and hungry.

SJ. You poor thing! There is a shelter across town. I can help you find it.

P. Thanks, but I donít think I can walk that far. I found a pair of old boots, but I donít have any socks on with them. My feet are freezing. They hurt so bad. 

SJ. No socks! Well, I have some socks. My Granny makes the best, the warmest socks in the whole wide world. You take off those boots while I open this present. (Sally turns away to open gift while Patty exits and Christmas fairy appears - xylo) 

SJ. Why who are you? What happened to Patty?  

F. It me! Holly Berry, the Christmas Fairy.  Poor Patty is just one of my many disguises. Iíve spent the last week putting on different costumes to test those who brought a gift for Santa. And you, Sally Jean, gave the most perfect gift of all.

SJ. I donít understand. I never gave Santa his gift.

F. But donít you see? You gave something from your heart. Something that will warm Santa more than those socks  - you gave a gift of love. By giving up your gift, you gave the greatest gift. Now, letís run on home and get a permission slip signed so you can ride in Santaís sleigh.

SJ. Me? In Santaís Sleigh?  I canít wait to tell Mom and Dad. Just follow me home. (both exit) 

ACT 6  (Midnight on Christmas Eve (Santa, Sally Jean on stage)

S. Ho, ho, ho. It warms me from my nose to my toes to know that the true spirit of Christmas is alive and well in the hearts of our young people. Hang on tight, Sally Jean. Youíre in for the ride of a lifetime.

SJ. Iím ready, but first letís sing ďSocks of Santa.Ē (first part sung to ďIíve Something in my Pocket) 

Christmas is a-coming

The message is quite clear

Love one another

And give a great big cheerÖ

Socks for Santa, Socks for Santa, Socks for SantaÖSanta Claus 

S. All the children who brought socks for Santa may now come up and put them in my bag. Ho, ho, ho (this line can be deleted for other puppet shows)

S. Merry Christmas to allÖ and to all a good night.