The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow



                                                                 Marilyn A. Kinsella

Puppets: Boy, Witch, Dragon, Leopard, Leprechaun

Props: Rainbow and  wizard’s hat


ACT 1: At Witch Gwendolyn’s house 

B.  (enters singing) “Somewhere over the rainbow”  (calls out) Witch Gwendolyn, Witch Gwendolyn! It’s me…Bud. I want to find the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow.  Can you help me? 

G. Pot of gold, eh? And just why would you need a pot of gold?

B. Well, let’s see…I want to be truly happy and to be truly happy…

I want a Nintendo, Sega, and Play Station Two

I want a TV, CD, DVD, a VCR and more

I want a go-cart, a skate-board, and a 10-speed bike

And I want a pepperoni pizza delivered at my door. 

G. (to audience) It just warms my heart to see that the young generation of today have their priorities straight. Sniff! (to Bud) Can you spell greed? (Bud nods) I thought you could. But I have to warn you, Bud ole buddy, it might be easier to break into Fort Knox than get that pot of gold.

B. Why is that?

G. Because…I, Witch Gwendolyn, am the only one with directions to the end of the rainbow and the price is a pretty penny. You got any money?

B. Not even a half a penny.

G.  Well, that’s good because the directions to the end of the rainbow cannot be bought with mere mortal dollars. If you want them, you must bring me three teeny-tiny gifts.

B. And just what might they be? 

G.  One! The hat from the wizard of Willoughby Wallow

     Two! A scale from the dreadful dragon

     Three! A whisker from the spotted Leopard

     Do you think you are up to tackle such an adventure?

B. Sure, just point me in the right direction and I’ll be on my way.

G. Okay, when you leave here turn left at the bank, stay to the right when you come to the fork in the road and keep on going until you run smack dab into the water tower. That’s where the Wizard of Willoughby Wallow wives – I mean lives.

B. Thanks, Witch Gwendolyn. As a famous American once said…”I’ll be back!” (exit) 

G. Heh, heh, heh…pot of gold – pot of fool’s gold is more like it. (exit)


ACT 2 At the Wizard’s Tower 

B. ‘Scuse me, are you the wizard?

W. Woe is me – the Wizard of Willoughby Wallow. Famous for spells, incantations, and refinishing old home furniture. But I’m afraid I can’t help you today.

B. Why, what’s wrong?

W. Oh, just this nagging headache of mine. I’ve tried every concoction under the sun and moon – willow bark, nightshade, rose hips, sassafras tea and even a healthy dose of cod liver oil and nothing seems to work

B. Hmm…that hat of yours looks a might small. That could cause a major brain strain. Why don’t you let me take it in the hat maker, and I’ll get it fixed for you.

W. Oh, thank you, Bud. That is extremely good-hearted of you especially since I wasn’t able to help you. 

B. I think you’ve done more for me than you realize. (both exit)


ACT 3  At the cave of the fire-breathing dragon 

B. One down, two to go. Hello, Dragon! It is I…Bud. 

D. Ah, a troubadour, I trust. Someone who can sing and dance and put a smile on this sad, sad, face of mine. Ever since I accidentally toasted the last traveling musician, my spirit has been draggin' (dragon – pun – have puppet look out at audience) 

B. A troubadour? Not quite. But I do a mean flute imitation. I can play you a snappy number, if that will help snap you out of the doldrums.

D. That would be lovely. Whenever I here music it cheers me so that I can’t help but dance.

B. Okay, listen to this – “doodily do, doodily do , do-do-do-do doodily do.”

D. Music! Oh, how I love to dance the happy dance.

 Cha – cha, cha-cha-cha. Happy – happy! cha-cha-cha; Happy-happy cha-cha-cha.

 Bud, is there anything I can do for you now that you brought music and happiness back into my heart.  Name it; it’s yours.

B. If I could take one of these shiny scales of yours, that you just shimmied off, I’d be happy. 

D. Help yourself, young man. Take a whole basket of my scales. (both exit)


ACT 4  At the Leopard’s Den (Bud and Lion on stage)

B. Two down…one more to go. But, how will I ever get that whisker?

L. Boo-hoo….

B. What’s the matter? Can I be of any assistance?

L. I have a thorn in my paw, and it hurts so bad. I can’t get it out.

B. I’d be glad to help. Here let me pull that out. (walk over and pretend-jerk the splinter out)

L. Gee, that didn’t even hurt, and I already feel so much better. Here you are, a complete stranger, and you helped me. Tell me, is there anything I can do for you? Just name it and it’s yours.

B. Now that you mention it, there is one thing.

L. Your wish is my command.  

B. Well I’ve heard that a Leopard’s whisker will bring you good fortune.

Could I have one of your whiskers?

L. Strange request, but, if you can take a splinter out without hurting me, you can certainly take out one my whiskers. (both exit)


SCENE 5 (back at Witch Gwendolyn’s - Bud and Witch on stage)

B. Oh, Witch Gwendolyn, look what I have for you – the wizard’s hat, a scale from the dragon, and a whisker from the leopard.

W. Good job, Bud my boy. I knew you could do it. Now, I’ll tell you how to get to the end of the rainbow so’s you can claim that pot of gold. Just turn left at the old corn silo at the edge of town. Follow the red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple markers and you can’t miss it. (both exit )


ACT 6  At the rainbow’s end  (place a rainbow outside the stage and small black pot) - Bud and Leprechaun on stage) 

B. Hello, you must be the leprechaun that guards the pot of gold. 

L. Right you are, me fine lad. What is your name and why are you here, might I ask? 

B. They call me…Bud…and I’m here because I’m on a journey to find true happiness. When I have that pot of gold for myself, I’ll be truly happy because I’ll be able to buy everything my little pea-pickin’ heart desires.

L. Agh! And it would have been a fine, fine thing except, well, I hate to tell you, lad, but as the angels are my witness…..there’s no gold in this pot. 

B. You mean, it’s …it’s empty? 

L. Not quite. You see, me fine young lad, it’s not things that make us happy. Yet this pot is full of happiness Like the time you helped the wizard feel better, the joy you brought the dragon, and the relief you provided the leopard.

B. How did you know about all that?

 L. Oh, let’s just say that us leprechauns have our ways. We are a tricky lot, don’t you know.

 B. Well, you are right. I never felt so joyful and happy as when I helped others. Now, I realize that I don’t need things to make me happy.

 L. Right you are. Now run on home and may the wind be always at your back.

B. Goodbye… and I’ll see you on St. Patrick’s Day. (exit)

 L. Okay, Witch Gwendolyn, you can come out now. (witch enters)

W. Whew! That was a close one. I ran over here on my new electric broom-mobile to warn you just in the nick of time. You will be relieved to know that your real pot of gold is safe and sound.

 L. I guess I owe you big time. But, alls well that end’s well as my sainted grandmother used to say. Bud is happy; I’m happy, and alls well with the world.

W. See you at the next Halloween party! Don’t take any green nickels (laughs and exit).

L. Tis true! We leprechauns are a tricky lot, but it’s nice to have help from a friendly, and, may I dare say, tricky witch once in a while. Have a happy St. Paddy’s day!

(bow and exit)