Marilyn A. Kinsella

                       Here's what Kay, the librarian in Highland, IL had to say about the puppet play:

 "The program went well.  I did your play.  My mom made me 2 cute apple puppets,the mouths didn't work, but they were cute.  She also made me an apron with apple pockets for the Granny Smith part.  I also did Little Red Riding Hood taking apples to grandma instead of cookies.  I did a repeat at the library on Tues. evening.  I think the kids liked it.  Thanks so much." Kay

 ACT 1

(Two felt apple puppets in a tree somewhere in Washington State)

 GA  (Gala on stage) Ho hum!  Here I am in the old apple tree.  Nothing to do.  Day after day.  Sunrise to sunset.  Nobody pays any attention to me. I’m just another apple. As plain as Mom’s apple pie. All I do is hang around all day. Hey, there’s my good buddy, Jonathan. (in a dejected voice…)Hi, Jonathan.

JO  (Jonathan enters)  Hi, Gala.  What’s wrong with you?  You look a might flushed. And what are complaining about.  They can hear you in the next orchard.

GA  Complaining.  I’ll tell you why I’m complaining.  One apple is just like another. We aren’t special at all. 

JO  So,  if you aren’t special why don’t you …make like a tree and… leaf. (laugh at own joke)

GA Very funny!  There’s no use in trying to cheer me up .  All we do is sit, sit, sit.

JO  Well….(sing-song) don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me. No, no, no. 

GA  Puh-leeze, if there’s anything worse than your puns, it’s your singing. 

JO  Okay, OK, Ok…I’ll get serious.  Afterall, you are the apple of my eye.

GA  I’m going to give you a black eye and a couple of juicy bruises, if you don’t shape up.

JO  Oh, all right. I agree.  We all do look a lot alike. Apples to the core! But I remember that story that Granny Smith used to tell us.  You know…the one about (whispers)..the secret .

GA  Story?  I don’t remember her telling us a story.  And I don’t remember any secret.

JO  Of course, you do.  We were just little green apples at the time, but she told us what to do if we ever we felt that being an apple wasn’t special. 

GA  And that was… 

JO To look inside yourself to see a star that reminds us of how special we apples are.

GA  Look inside yourself ?You don’t believe Granny, do you.  She’s full of applesauce. 

JO  It’s true.  I saw it for myself when granny told us the story.

GA  Liar, liar, pants on fire.

JO  I am not lying.  I’m telling the truth.  And just to prove it Granny Smith will come and tell the story.

 ACT 2

(Granny (storyteller) comes outside the puppet stage to tell a version of the “Little Red House with No Windows or Doors with a Star on the Inside.” This could also be a storyteller puppet that comes up to tell the story to the audience)

 ACT 3

JO  Now do you believe me?

GA  Yes!  You were honest and truthful.  And best of all…now I know what to do when I get bored.  Just look inside and see that star that make all us apples special. 

JO Let’s all sing the “Apple Man Song”  (from Jean Warren’s Book)

All sing - Do you know the apple man, the apple man, the apple man?

                Do you know the apple man who like to play with me?

                Oh he has a great big smile, a great big smile, a great big smile.

                Oh he has a great big smile and likes to play with me.

                Oh he has a bright red face, a bright red face, a bright red face.

                Oh he has a bright red face and likes to play with me.

                Oh he has a star inside, a star inside, a star inside,

                Oh he has a star inside and likes to play with me.