My Fuzzy Valentine


Marilyn A. Kinsella


Puppets: Groundhog, Sally Jean, Mouse, Bird, Rabbit 

Props: Hole in the ground for groundhog, a big fancy Valentine and a small one each with Fuzzyís name in the middle, cotton snow


SCENE ONE: (Sally Jean is walking outside, humming to herself. Groundhog hole is off to stage left)

Narrator:  Itís the afternoon of Groundhogís day and Sally Jean is walking through the woods singing to herself.

SJ. La, la, la, la, la - Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.  I got a beautiful feeling everything goiní my way. (stops and looks around when she hears the crying)

GH. Boo, hoo, boooo, whooo!

SJ.  Whatís that?  I sounds like someone is crying.


SJ.  It sounds like itís coming from that clump of dirt over there.  I wonder who it is.

GH.  Boo, hoo

SJ.  Boo, hoo, who?  Whoís there? 

GH.  Thereís no one here.  Now go away!

SJ.  Thatís just silly.  How can there be no one there?  If there is no one there, there would be no one to say thereís no one there.  Thereís just got to be somebody there. 

GH.  Oh, all right!  Enough already. 

SJ.  So, who are you?  And why are you crying?

GH.  (Sniffing)  My name is Fuzzy the Groundhog and Iím crying because it was such a beautiful Groundhog day, today.

SJ.  Thatís true. Itís beautifulÖ gorgeous - blue skies, not a cloud to be seen. The sun is shining.  Makes me want to break out in songÖOh, what a Ö 

GH.  Stop it, stop it!  Youíre killiní me with all that light and sunshine talk.

SJ.  Gee, whatís your problem, Fuzzy?

GH.  Well, everybody knows that if I, or a fellow groundhog, wakes up on February 2nd and we see our shadow, we go back to sleep for another 6 weeks.

SJ.  Why is that? 

GH.  Because a shadow is a pretty scary thing, thatís why.  And since we are so scared, we go back to sleep. And when Old Man Winter sees that, he stays around for another 6 weeks. 

SJ.  Yeah, I remember our teacher telling us the story of Puxatawny Phil.

GH.  Yea, thatís my cousin up north.  So you see why Iím so sad. 

SJ.  No, actually I donít.  Why donít you just get yourself some hot chocolate, a good book and snuggle down? 

GH.  True, but donít you see?  Iíll miss out on Valentineís Day again this year. And you know, if you donít give valentines you donít get valentines. 

SJ.  Unfortunately, thatís the way it usually works.  Gee, Iím sorry, Fuzzy.  Well, maybe next year it will be rainy and snowy and yucky on February 2nd and you can celebrate Valentineís Day with the rest of us.  Remember - thereís always next year. (exits)

GH.  Thereís always next year (sniff). Thereís always next year. (sigh) (Yawns) Maybe when I go to sleep Iíll dream of getting a valentine - even a little valentine would be nice.  After all - itís the thought that counts. (yawns and snores)

SCENE 2 (snow on the ground )

SJ.  Brr!  Fuzzy was right!  Itís been snowing and icing up a storm since Groundhog Day.  This has to be the coldest Valentineís Day on record.  I have had plenty of time to think about Fuzzy and his not getting any valentines.  Giving valentines shouldnít mean getting valentines. So I made him a special one.  I made it real big, too.  Just to show him how much I care.  I canít wait to show it to him. (walks over to the hole)

GH. (snoring noises)

SJ.  Fuzzy, oh Fuzzy!  Wake up! Look what made for you (snoring) Gosh, Fuzzy seems to be in a deep six.  Oh well, Iíll just leave it over here by this big tree so heíll see it when he wakes up. (puts heart down and exits)

MS.  Oh, I am so hungry.  With all this snow on the ground I canít find any food.  But wait a minute.  I smell something sweet.  Look, somebody dropped a big red heart.  (nibbles)  yummy!  It tastes like paste!  I love paste (nibble)  Iíll have to tell my family to come over here and get their fill. (exits)

BD.  Caw, caw.  All this snow on the ground and I canít find any material for my nest.  Wait!  Whatís that?  A soft red heart.  I bet I can peck some of that red material  so I can line my nest.  When my eggs hatch, my little birdies will love it. (goes over and pecks at heart.) Caw, caw (exits with a piece of red in its beak) 

RB. Oh dear, oh dear!  What will I ever do?  This snow is covering our little hole in the ground and my little bun-rabs will never find their way back inside.  What to do, what toÖWait!  Whatís that? A red heart left over from Valentineís Day.  Just what I need to make a flag so my bun-rabs can find their way back home.  Iíll just take a little.  Maybe some other animal will need it too. (hops over to the heart and take a little piece in its mouth and hops away.)

SCENE 3 :     Snow is gone.  Replace the big Valentine with a small one

Narrator:  Itís now 6 weeks since Groundhogís day.  The snow has melted and the sun is finally shining.

GH. (out of the hole and walking around and stretching)  Oh it feels so good to be out in the sunshine again.  I slept like a log. Had some fantastic dreams too.  The best of all was about a Valentine card I received.  It was a  whopper! And the best thing of all was that I got to share that heart with many of my animal friends.  But, alas, it ďtwas but a dreamĒ as Shakespeare once saiÖ(looks down)  But then and again maybe it wasnít a dream.  There is a Valentine hereÖa very small valentine Önot at all like the one in my dream, but it does have my name on it.  Oh look, here comes Sally Jean.

SJ.  Hi, Fuzzy!  Boy, your predictor was right on target this year.  After I saw you on Groundhogís Day, weíve had nothing but snow and ice.  Say, did you get that Valentine card I made for you?

GH.  Why, yes I did.  I thought maybe it was from you. It was the biggest, most beautifulingest Valentine I ever received.

SJ.  Oh good, Iím glad you liked it.  Well, Iím off.  Now that spring is here Iím going over to the big field to fly my kite.  See yaí! (exits)

GH.  (to audience)  That wasnít quite a lie, you know.  It was the biggest and best valentine I ever receivedÖícause it was the only  valentine I ever received. And I didnít want to hurt Sally Jeanís feelings.  Besides itís not how big or fancy something isÖItís the thought that counts.  Have a Happy Valentineís Day.