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It is said that long ago Story, dressed in the richest brocades and finest jewels, came across his brother Naked Truth who was weeping. "Naked Truth, why do you weep so?"

"It's a terrible thing not being wanted! That is why I weep," said Naked Truth. "At first, everyone seems happy to see me, but then, when I speak, they turn their backs or worse...ask me to leave. You see, no one wants to listen to me."

"Oh, now I understand. However, that is easily solved," said Story. "Come with me."

So, Story dressed Naked Truth in colorful folktales, multi-layered legends, sheerest parables and richest fables. Now, whenever Truth started to speak, everyone listened. You see, no one wanted to listen to naked truth, but everyone listened, when it was truth dressed in story.                   - Adapted from an old Jewish Folktale



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  • The 12 Pillars of Character: Stories and Classroom Activities Related to the Monthly Trait

                         January: Integrity

                         February: Trustworthines/Honesty

                         March: Perseverance

                         April: Cooperation

                         May: Self-Discipline

                         June: Fairness

                         July: Citizenship


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