A Story! A Story!!!


Welcome to the storyland of Marilyn Kinsella. The landscape is full and rich. It started in a small Southern Illinois community called just plain "Fairview" at the time. Over the years the landscape has changed. It has risen to new heights with strip malls and interstates. But, seen through the eyes of a storyteller, all the views are fair in Fairview Heights. Join me as I tell some of the stories:


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bullet Makin' Music
bullet Hold On!
bullet The Artist's Palette
bullet The Call of the Mourning Dove 
bullet The Last Punch 
bullet Sunday Visits
bullet I Can Fly
bullet Who IS My Neighbor?
bullet A Bottled Up Memory
bullet When Memories Come "Fourth"
bullet The Great Crabapple War of '56 
bullet SS Admiral, I Salute You
bullet I Love a Parade!


bullet A Pleasant Ridge - history of the Kinsellas
bullet On a Wing and a Prayer - Grandpa Joe and Chris
bullet Class Act - My dad
bullet June 19th - a letter to Drew from her Great Grandpa
bullet Little Things Make a Big Difference - My Aunt Ethel
bullet Our Diamond in the Rough  - Rita, Recipes, and Ritaisms
bullet The Day the Angels Sang - My mother
bullet A Yankee Doodle Dandy - A birthday/memorial tribute to my brother Bill.
bullet Les Miserables - The grandpunster...my Uncle Les.
bullet My Great Aunt Annie, the Belle of the Ball
bullet Lucky Troop 13 - little story about Girl Scouts
bullet One Hundred and One Uses of my Grandpa's Cane
bullet Time Brings Roses: An Autobiography of a Budding Artist

Old Pictures of the Niemann Clan 1880-1950's

Niemann family through the years 1938-1973

Old Pictures of the Klein Family:

bullet          4 Generations of Hansis;Laumann/Klein 1906
bullet          History of the Klein House
bullet          Klein House Home circa 1913
bullet          Living Room circa 1956