Klein/Laumann photos


               Adele Elizabeth Laumann (Joseph) Klein; Joseph Roland Klein, ____Hanses (Edward) Laumann; ____Hanses

                                                                               Picture circa 1906 - East St. Louis


Vera Adele Klein and Wilma Norbury   1917                                    Joe and Adele Klein with Lester, Vera and Roland

I'm not sure who this is. The groom may be their uncle from the Laumann side.              1914 (unknown site)


The Laumann sisters Birdie, Adele, Josie                                 Edward, Arthur and ..... Laumann Brothers

 and Louis (Aunt Lulu)  1890?                                                                           1901


Bert & Rol, Les Klein, and Joe Laumann                William &Sarah Niemann/ Joe & Adele Klein

                 WS,  1938                                            in the gazebo at the side of the house 1938


Vera and Chris; Fred and Bill

at the side of the old house 1940