Pictures of the Old House during the 40's - 60's

Vera and Chris; Fred and Bill

at the side of the old house 1940


                                               Melissa, A. Ethel and U. Les Klein in living room 1955

                                                     Adele's china plates with boats on the plate rail.


Circa 1956 - Living Room - Men from my dad's work at Monsanto and their families. Melissa is in the chair and appears to be about 2 years old. This picture also shows the old dark blue (scratchy) velvet chair and sofa, the chandelier, the door that led to the middle of the house closet, the old black dial, a great "50's" lamp. The walls were a plaster green.


More of the party. Marilyn 9 or 10 years old serving canopies, My Grandpa Joe in the blue chair. You can see about half of the tapestry that Grandma Klein painted circa 1903, that is recessed into the wall with the nooks on either side. There is the old book shelves that I still have in my basement and Melissa's pull toy next to it. It looks like we ate supper in this room - see the old linoleum chair and a portion of the table in the forefront. I was surprised to see an air-conditioner. I thought only mom and dad's room had air.


This must be from about 1958. Melissa is about 4, Chris is a about 18 and I'm probably 11(was I really that skinny!). There is a new lamp - I remember this lamp distinctly. The end table is a real 50's vintage.  You can see Grandma's vase in the upper shelf. The couch is different. It looks like a velvety print. This was before the fire (1961) because the walls are still plaster.


Circa 1963 - I was going the prom. in my sophomore year. The dress was a soft, satin pink. Notice the bouffant do and the tiara signifying nothing.  This was after the fire because the walls are covered with a light brown paneling. The crystal chandelier was no longer there. Notice the old TV - black and white console with dials to turn it off and on. The fifties end table is still there.


                        Melissa with her new Easter outfit. In the front bedroom.