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The stones hold the stories since ancient times. Below is a partial listing of the many stories that Taleypo tells. Some stories are new; some are old. Listen carefully and you will hear the wisdom passed down through the ages. Some of these stories were passed down through the oral tradition, others were read in books, and still other come from the wild imagining of...                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                            Taleypo, the Storyteller.

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                Folktales                                      Personal Stories                      Original* and Literary

Anansi and the Hat Shaking Dance   (African)      

When Memories Come "Fourth"   - Great Aunt Josie -1904 World's Fair) The Paper Bag Princess   (Munsch)
Anansi and the Moss Covered Rock    (African) Peaks and Valleys     Academy of Notre Dame Reunion The Mexican Jumping Beans    (author?)
Baby Leopard   (African)

My Friend, Jane  -   Story about my good friend, Jane

Caps for Sale                      (Slobatkin)
Blue Faience Hippopotamus              (Egyptian) Sunday Visits   -visiting my grandparents Harry and the Terrible Whatzit         (Gackenbach)
Br'er Possum and Br'er Snake             (American South)

Class Act     - my father and my class pictures

Pink and Green Silver Paper Toffee Paper (Barton)                              

Br'er Rabbit and Father Christmas   (American South) Remembering Adelia - Mom's story about her mother Jar of Rosemary   -   Adpt. from Maude Lindsay) 
Chit-chat                (African) The Magic Orange Seed  My sister, Melissa Do Not Open  -        (Brinton Turkle)
Clown of God           (Italian) Makin' Music    - Storyelling, piano lessons Liza Lou and the Yellow Belly Swamp -   (Mercer Mayer)

Conjure Wives       (American South)

Who's My Neighbor  -present- day Good Samaritan story The Rose Child    -     (Jane Yolen)
Cough Drops Stops Coffin                 101 Uses of My Grandpa's Cane  -My Grandpa Joe The Selfish Giant   -   (Oscar Wilde)
Coyote and Bear         (Wisha Hisha) The Last Punch   - Grandpa and the Fairview Picnic Once a Good Man   -  (Jane Yolen)
Coyote Dances with the Stars            (Cherokee) The Gift of the Hummingbird    - sign from my mother The True Story of the Three Little Pigs -  (Jon Scieska)
Creaking Door            (Puerto Rico) My Charlie Doll Doll - a special doll at Christmas Millions of Cats  -      (Wanda Gag)
Darby the Tailor                (Ireland) HolyCards!  - fourth grade heroine Yankee Doodle   Dandy    ( 3 American bios)
Dark, Dark Night Storytellers Beware! We Are Becoming the Stories We Tell Red Shoes for a Real Princess* org St Nick w. a pair of  red shoes
Face in the Window The Great Crab Apple War of '56  -neighborhood story Where the Wild Things Are  -   (Maurice Sendak)
Foolish Man    (Armenian) My First Holy Communion Nattie's Wild Hare *  - Original Story
Freedom Bird                  (India) Angel of God - first grade and angels If You Say So, Claude  -    (Nixon)
Grandmother Spider Brings the Light (Cherokee) The Artist's Palette   - Grandmother artist and storytelling Blue Silver    -     (Carl Sandburg)
Horse Blankets The Call of the Mourning Dove   - Grandpa Joe and signals Middle Woman   -   (Orson Scott Card)

How Porcupine Got His Quills  (Seneca)

Uh-oh!    - vignettes about marriage Abiyoyo   -             (Pete Seegar)
How Possum Got His Tail     (Creek) I Can Fly    - based on a childhood book Monkey's Paw  -   (Joseph Jacobs)
How the Animals Were Formed         (Iroquois)

Do You See the Lights   Christmas Story/Father's Death

A Stocking From St. Nicholas - good girl/bad girl
How Turtle Got His Cracked Shell             (African) Faces of Christmas Past and Present  - a special ornament The Giant's Big Toe  -   (Brock)
Hobyahs!                 (England) TeenAngel   -       Teen Town The Chimes  -   (Erma Bombeck)
Jack and the Haunted House (Appalachian) Showtime!    -     Kindergarten Christmas Show Looking For Spring  -    (Bethany Roberts)
Joheha and the Crayfish         (Seneca) Dance, Harlequin, Dance    -  a dancing doll at Christmas Wishing Star   -             (Bethany Roberts)
Lazy Jack                (Appalachian) Tale of a Seventh-Grade Something Else -  7th grade goofs Sleeping Ugly    -            (Jane Yolen)
Legend of the Blue Bonnet       (Texas-Cheyenne) Our Diamond in the Rough   -   Story for Rita The Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid of Anything                          (Linda Williams)
Mary Culhane and the Dead Man       (Ireland) Shards of Memory   -   prosem - Academy of Notre Dame Polar Express  -          (VanAllsburg)
Mr. Fox              (England)

Little Things Make a Big Difference   -  story for Aunt Ethel

McGoogan Moves the Mighty Rock - (Gackenbach)
Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin (Bangladesh) Journey of the White Horse      memoirs of trip to England The Starfish Story -
Ole Bill              (Series of Mississippi River Stories) The Day the Angels Sang my mom's story St. Francis as I Live and Breathe *  org.
Rumpelstiltskin        (Germany) A Bottled Up Memory -  my brother and a broken milk bottle Tiger Who Lost His Stripes     (Paul)
The Salt that Spoiled the Preachin' (American) Hold On!    - Larry and his father Pigs!                                        (Munsch)
Skunny Wundy and the Stone Giant (Iroquois) Oh, On This Day, Oh Beautiful Mother -   6th grade memoir Purple, Green, and Yellow   (Munsch)
Sody Salliratus         (American South) The Family Tree - A Hodgepodge of Christmas Memories This Little Light of Mine *  star fills the manger
Stackalee               (St. Louis - American) A Touch of Christmas - contact with my mother over the years The Demon Goat*                          (fractured Bill Grogan's Goat)
Tailypo                     (American Legend) How Did You Know John?   -  Memoir to John White The Frog Prince*              (fractured Frog Prince)
The Hairy Man            (American South) On Butterfly Wings   -  Memoir to Jackie Torrance A Star at Christmas      (version of apple story)

The Piasa                      (Illinois Legend)

A Round Way to Get To It -  fun tale about my story journey The Gingerbread Man *    Taleypo's original Christmas version
The Schnook Family   (American South) SS Admiral, I Salute You -   the SS Admiral in St. Louis A Bed Fit for a King *    An  original Christmas                                
The Three Wishes                 (Swiss) A Real Yankee Doodle Dandy -     Tribute to my brother, Bill Black Bubble Gum - adapted
Tiki -Piki Boom-Boom        (Jamaica) When Hummingbirds Come Calling   -  Miracles from Mom The Wife's Story                      Ursala L' Guin
The Vampire Skeleton          (Iroquois) I Love a Parade  A memory from the FH Woman's Club Phantamagicorical                  Richard Thompson
Whistling Tsonqua's           (NW Coast) On a Wing and a Prayer - Grandpa Joe and Pope John Too Much Noise on Halloween Night - adpt. from The Noisy House
Why the Leaves Change Colors      (NE Native American) My Great Aunt Annie - My Dad's Aunt Santa's Noisy Christmas-                       adpt. from The Noisy House
Wicked John and the Devil    (Drama Choir)   Southern tale Time Brings Roses - autobiographical acct. of my artist self. Teeny Tiny Witch Looking for Halloween -adpt from Bethany Roberts
Zomo the Rabbit               (Africa)   The Empty Pot              Demi
Vanishing Hitchhiker of Sunset Hills   Local urban legend)   The Lotus Seed             Sherry Garland
The Devil's Bridge       (localized version of French Folktale)   The Legend of the Poinsettia Tomi D
Anansi Brings the Stories    (Africa)   Peter Rabbit  by Beatrix Potter
Rabbit the Arrow Maker        based on Lakota legend   Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse  by Leo Lionni
Coyote Brings the Light        California Indians   Fables  by Arnold Lobel
The Hairy Toe -                   American   The Little Engine That Could  by Waddy Piper
Okiku    Japanese Ghost Story   The Gunniwolf  by Wilhemina Harpter
The Legend of the First Jack-o-Lantern   Baby Rattlesnake    as told by Lynne Maroney
Clancy and Lady Death -   Celtic   Rebeccah *   Story based on  "Let the Little Children Come unto Me"
Timpingee -                           Haiti   The Blue Rose my adaptation of a folktale from China
How Groundhog Lost His Tail     Ishi, The Last of theYahi  Ttrue story of the last of the Yahi
How Chipmunk Got His Stripe - Iroquois -collected by Joe Bruchac   Makin' Music with the King *       a fairy tale based on my personal story
Why There are Phases of the Moon   Just 'n Time for a Story* original piece on the importance of telling stories
Coyote and the Constellations   "Annie Foster Melton: Tom Dula's One True Love."   - org. first person about "Tom Dooley".
Fritz, Franz, and Frederick -  German Christmas story   Strange and Fascinating Musical Facts of the Civil War - compilation
The Christmas Apple -            German Christmas story    
The Cracked Pot                     Chinese    
The Precious Ruby                  India    
Lady Truth    
Little Red Riding Hood         German    
Goldilocks and the Three Bears  England    
Hansel and Gretel                 German    
Jack and the Beanstalk         Appalachia    
The Gingerbread Man           England    
The Turnip                             Russia    
The Little Red Hen                England    
Chicken Little                        England    
The Mitten                              Ukrainian    
The Wide-Mouth Frog    
Sandy the Toad Frogs            Southern    
Stone Soup    
The Three Billy Goats Gruff Norwegian    
The Three Little Pigs    
Sweet or Sour?                       India    
No News    
The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg German Celtic    
The First Rainbow          Stories the California Indians Told    
Legend of the Cedar Tree      Cherokee    
Little Eight John                   American South   (drama choir)    
The Beginning of Red Horn  Winnebago    
The Little Red Ant and the Big Crumb Mexican adpt by Shirley Climo    
Little Martina Cockroach   Hispanic tale    
The Peddlar of Dreams              English    
Kanu Above and Kanu Below   African    
The Theft of Smell                     French    
The Gingerbread Man - Christmas version    
Spider and the People - Osage    
Ball Game Between the Animals and People - Native American
Grandfather Cherry Blossom    Japanese    
La Befana     Italian Christmas Story    
Be'er Fox Catches Old Man Tarrypin    Georgia folktale    
Me-Lin and the Magic Brush    Chinese