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Welcome to Taleypo's Scrapbook of Storytelling. Inside you will find a patchwork of moments captured while Marilyn Kinsella told her stories. Many memories have been collected since 1981 - pictures, drawings, thank you notes, newspaper and magazine articles, and my heroes along the way. Just click on the headings or thumbprint pictures below to travel alongside the strange and memorable journey of Taleypo.

1981 - 1989   Newbie, Novice, Fledgling,

1990 - 1999   Apprentice, Experienced, Journeywoman

2000 -            Professional, Freelance Artist, Master Storyteller


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Interview for WD with women living their dream jobs.                 

                                               Personal stories                       Retirement                Article in Woman's Day   



                                Tellabration                     Yeehaw! at Eckert's            Journey of the White Horse



Piasa Puppet Show Article         Adirondack College          Collinsville Library


                                                                Jackie Torrence                                 

                           On Butterfly Wings                  Riverwind                   How Did You Know John?

                                                                                                                The Last Time I Saw Jackie



                                         A Round Way to Get To It       The Sights, The Sounds,               Storytell...Do Tell

                                                                        The Story of the 1904 World's Fair           Listserve posts




                                                Chicago Conference 2003           Prosems from Taleypo     Tribute to Leanne Johnson




                                                                                 When Hummingbirds Come Callin'                


                                                                                       Grandmother Adelia, the Artist




 Time Brings Roses: An Autobiography of a Budding Artist


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