Dingle and Day of Rest
Days 7-8 September 1-2, 2015

                  Dingle  - Harbor Town


          Coastal Scapes of Dingle




Day 8 - I spent the day at the cottage to catch up on laundry. Larry went with group to go horseback riding.

When he got back we went into the town of Kilorglin to get some food. Found this shop with a t-shirt that reminded Larry of his "Keep Calm/ Larry On" shirt....



The bus ride to Derry was a rather dreary trip with light rain most of the way. But, when we reached the peninsula on the west coast that is home to Dingle, the clouds parted and the sun came out shining.

One the way we stopped to take pictures of the ancient bee hives constructed of local stone. Larry took the pix since I decided that the rain and slippery hills looked a little daunting. Okay, so I wussed out!

We had a lunch at a quaint old building that had delicious soup - much enjoyed on this cold, damp journey.


The landscapes along the way were stunning, and to top it off we saw Bono's home. Well, one of his homes anyway! Then it was on to Dingle in the County of Kerry.

 Scenic Drive, Restaurant and Bono's Home




I truly felt like I was in storytbook land. The streets and shops were full of color and unique facades. We took some fun pix of us "riding Fergie, the Dolphin" and the gorgeous flowers at every turn. We even had some of the famous Murphy's Ice Cream!

Then, it was on to the boat to find Fergie the Dolphin. He did make an appearance and Larry got some footage of him. The surrounding coastal landscapes along the harbor were just too beautiful and they begged us to take more pix!

On the way to our cottages we stopped at a restaurant and had some musical entertainment by a young trio. It was a fun evening.



                      In Search of Fergie




                  This Way to the Bees' Knees






                           Days 9 Ring of Kerry