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                                  Stories 'n Stones: Show Me Mound City                                                         New Story, 2015

                                                                                                                                                       On a Wing and a Prayer 



                                                                                   Time Brings Roses: An Autobiography of a Budding Artist   





             A link to my latest venture...offering more programming to Senior Citizens

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                                Senior Stories: Listen, Write, Tell




 Every year Taleypo visits many schools telling her favorite stories.Click on the flyer and find out the many programs that Taleypo can bring to your school.


     Author! Author!        Storytelling and QAR Page




            Hear Taleypo tell Tom Dooley on You Tube:

The True Story of Annie Foster Milton - Tom Dula's One True Love. Annie gives a stirring plea for Tom Dula's innocence. Let her story be your judge. Did they convict the wrong man?