The Storytelling Classroom  Workshop

In November, 2006, a new, innovative, and teacher-friendly book came on the market. The Storytelling Classroom was conceived, written. and edited by storytellers and teachers to provide easy, replicable, tried and true activities to go along with stories. The stories and activities are tied into curriculum standards. To encourage teachers to use the ideas presented in this book, Marilyn Kinsella is offering one to two free copies of the book ($35.00 value) to any school that hires her for an in-school workshop. See more details below.  

                    ”The Storytelling Classroom will be a boon to teachers, to storytellers in classrooms, students, and to parents who wish to add fun and

                                                                                                learning to children’s lives.”

                                                               Review by Mary Garrett, Storyteller and former high school teacher.


The Storytelling Classroom: Applications Across the Curriculum
Norfolk, Sherry, Stenson, Jane, and Williams, Diane

Consisting of a series of essays written by storytellers who work in the classroom, as well as teachers who use storytelling in the classroom, this title addresses specific curriculum areas, and includes practical, easily replicable lesson plans. Also included is a review and explanation of the current research on the value of storytelling in the classroom in teaching the "whole brain" using the multiple intelligences and the integration of thinking in the left and right brain. It makes valid connections to educational standards in curriculum areas. Topics addressed are from the dual viewpoints of storytellers and educators.


                                                                                                                       Workshop Proposal

This workshop can be a one-hour to three-hour presentation depending on the needs of your school. Keep in mind that storyteller and former classroom teacher, Marilyn Kinsella, is qualified by the state of Illinois to provide CPDUs, if requested. She is also listed on the Illinois Arts Council's ArtsTour Roster. See below for a breakdown of prices and how to get a free copy of  The Storytelling Classroom.

One-hour - A presentation on the use of the book in the classroom: After a short review on current research on the value of storytelling in the classroom that is covered in the book, Marilyn will tell the story "Tiki-Piki, Boom-Boom" and actually do some of the related activities (math, language arts, science, arts, and social studies) with the teachers to model its usefulness in the classroom. Example of activity: Language Arts - Mad-libs...Flip chart with a portion of the story pre-written with blank spaces for parts of speech. Ask the teacher for nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc and write them on the flip chart in appropriate blank spaces. Read the Mad-lib. Questions and answers.

Two to Three-hour - Presentation as above. Plus: After telling a different story, the teachers will divide into disciplines - Language arts, Math, Science, PE, Social Studies, Art. Each group will be challenged to develop activities for their classrooms that are tied to the story. Since there probably will be different age levels represented in each group, there may be several ideas developed specifically for a particular age.

The story, itself, has to be one that transcends age levels. A good example is "Lazy Jack" or sometimes called "Obedient Jack." One group will be designated as "The Science Activity".  As a group, they will discuss any scientific principles that can be culled from the story - why does milk change into butter, how does curing meat preserve it, etc. Using that information and what is "curriculum required" each teacher will develop an activity for his/her classroom.

After a sharing of ideas, Marilyn will collect the ideas and (with permission from the group) post it with her "Useful Study Guides" pages on her website.

                                                                 Breakdown of Workshop Costs

One-hour presentation - $175.00 - That includes mileage within a 50 mile radius of the St. Louis Area and a free copy of  The Storytelling Classroom. But, see below on how you can reduce this fee.

Two to Three-hour workshop - $300.00. That includes mileage within a 100 mile radius of the St. Louis Area and two free copies of  The Storytelling Classroom. But, see below on how you can reduce this fee.

*Note from Marilyn: Currently, 2006-2007, I am listed as an artist on the IL Arts Council's ArtsTour Roster. Come and visit my page by clicking Marilyn on ArtsTour. With enough leeway (at least 8 weeks), we can work together on a very simple grant to have a portion of my fees paid - up to one-third. When I come to a school, I charge $600.00 that includes four storytelling performances - two 45-minute performances in the morning and two in the afternoon. Usually, I can see a whole school in four performances. It also includes a one-hour workshop! Sometimes I come for a reading night, a parents' workshop or a teachers' workshop. So...if you apply for the grant, you will get all this for $400.00!!! Such a deal...and remember the free book for your school library. I would need to charge more for the day, if it includes the 2-3-hour workshop, but it would still break down to be a great deal. Original price - $800.00 (4 performances, a 2-3 hour workshop, and two free copies of the book) minus the IAC grant makes your cost $536.00.

I am always looking out for my friends in very small schools with very small budgets. So, if you can co-ordinate with a nearby school, you can divide those fees in half! I will see one school in the morning for 2 performances and the other in the afternoon for 2 performances. The workshop would be open to the teachers at both schools at one location. We could do this with one grant application to the IAC.

You may not be able to have me come to your school for one of these proposed workshops. So, for a limited time, I am offering the schools and teachers an opportunity to acquire a copy of the book from me for the at-cost price of $25.00. You must contact me, if you want a copy at this price. Just email me at or call me at          618/397-1377.

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