Telling to 3 to 5 year olds compilation

The following compilation of ideas, stories and resources came from my years as the storyteller at the Edwardsville Public Library, my cyber-friends on Storytell and other storytelling friends. As the storyteller I developed many Pre-School/Parent Storytimes. As with any compilation according to age, there are certain gray areas Ė stories that can be told to younger or older age groups by adjusting the vocabulary and the style in which the story is presented. Some stories make great reading for children but not for telling. There are others that can be adapted to telling. The stories below are "tried and true." They are meant for telling without using a book. Although some of the stories listed can be told with props, they can (for the most part) also be told without. This compilation is divided into five parts. The sections include:

  1. Earmarks of good stories for young listeners
  2. Stories to tell
  3. Story Stretchers, Songs, and Fillers
  4. Tips for Telling
  5. Bibliography and Websites


  1. Earmarks of good stories for young listeners


II.  Stories to tell:


The following can also be used as a swallowing prop story:


II.   Story Stretchers, Songs, and Fingerplays:



III.   Tips for Telling


IV. Bibliography and Websites:

1.Storytelling with Puppets, second edition, Connie Champlin

2. Teeny Tiny Folktales, compiled by Jean Warren (simple folktales for young

children plus flannelboard patterns), Warren Publishing House

3. Paper Stories by Jean Stangl (these are cut and tell stories, great fun)

4.Short Short Stories compiled by Jean Warren (simple stories for young

children plus seasonal activities), Warren Publishing House

5. Easy to Tell Stories for Young Children by Annette Harrison

6. Wee Sing over 35 different tapes and sing-a-long books on simple songs to sing. Publisher: Los Angeles, Calif. : Price/Stern/Sloan

7. Storytelling with Puppets, Props, & Playful Tales by Mary Jo Huff

8. Stories to Tell to Children by Laura Cathon

9. Juba This and Juba That by V A Tashjian

10. Books by Anne Pellowski

11. Shake-it-up tales! : stories to sing, dance, drum, and act out and Tuck-me-in tales by Margaret Read MacDonald

Tell a Story, Make a Friend with Jim May [videorecording]: Stories for young children and storytellers of all ages / produced by Afterglow Creative Services. Storytelling Dolls Paper-cutting story Paper-cutting books Glove mitts


Thanks to the following storytellers for their help:

Karen Chace, Kimberly King, Bev Comer, Rita Kohler, Joan Kimball, Barb Driesner, Batsy Bybell and most especially Annette Harrison


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