Telling from Birth to Two-Year Old


BABY-LAPSIT – (0 – 2 yr. olds) Setting the stage for future learning through stories.  These stories will told in a very limited time frame, hit and miss, and spontaneous.  As a parent (and your child’s first teacher) you have the privilege of opening the world of story. A good rule of thumb – choose stories that are very short with rhythm and rhyme. It is good to accompany these stories with clapping and loving touches

Read – Don’t concern yourself too much that your child does not understand the story.  If you are reading one-on-one to your child, they are listening to your voice.  There’s a lot of learning going on that has nothing to do with the comprehension of the story. There are also many interactive one-on-one books like those by Tana Hoban (place words) or Eric Hill (Spot flap books). For an excellent resource, get Jim Trelease's Read Aloud Handbook.



                                                                                                                                                                                 Collections of Books                                                                    

  • Ahlbert, Janet. Baby’s Catalogue. Peek-a-Boo.

  • Anglund, Joan Wash. How Many Days Has Baby to Play?

  • Asch, Frank. The Last Puppy. Just Like Daddy.

  • Asquith, Ros. My do it!

  • Bailey, Debbie. Grandma.

  • Berenstain, Stan. The Berenstain Bears Are A Family.

  • Bradman, Tony. This Little Baby.

  • Breeze, Lyn. This Is Baby’s Playtime.

  • Bridges, Margaret Park. Am I big or little?

  • Brown, Margaret Wise. Good Night Moon. Runaway Bunny.

  • Burningham, John. The Dog. The Baby.

  • Carle, Eric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Today is Monday

  • Calmenson, Stephanie. Good for you! : toddler rhymes for toddler times.

  • Carter, Margaret. Go Away William.

  • Casey, Patricia. Quack, Quack.

  • Chorao, Kay. Baby’s Lap Book.

  • Cooke, Trish. When I Grow Bigger.

  • Dann, Penny "Little Barron’s Toddler books" – over 20 titles

  • Degen, Bruce. Jamberry.

  • Eagle, Kin. It’s Raining, It’s Pouring.

  • Eastmen, P.D. Are You My Mother?

  • Field, Eugene. Wynken, Blynken and Nod.

  • Foord, Jo. The Book of Babies.

  • Fox. Mem. Time For Bed.

  • Gaban, Jesus. Tub Time for Harry. Harry Dresses Himself.

  • Gay, Michel. Take Me For a Ride.

  • Gliori, Debi. When I’m Big.

  • Graham, John. I Love You Mouse.

  • Gretz, Susanna. Frog in the Middle.

  • Grindley, Sally. Silly Goose and Dizzy Duck hunt for a rainbow, Eat up, Piglittle

  • Hale, Sarah. Mary Had a Little Lamb.

  • Hancock, Joy. Loudest Little Lion.

  • Hawkins, Colin. Farmyard Sounds.

  • Hayes, Sarah. This is the Bear.

  • Hill, Eric. Spot Books.

  • Hennessy, B. G. ABCD, Tummy, Toes, Hands, Knees.

  • Hood, Susan, Star light, star bright

  • Hudson, Cheryl. Bright Eyes, Brown Skin.

  • Hughes, Shirley. Noisy. Bouncing.

  • Jonas, Ann. When You Were A Baby.

  • Johnson, Angesa. Mama Bird, Baby Birds.


  • Kasza, Keiko. A Mother for Choco.

  • Kemp, Moira. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep.

  • Koper, Lisa. Daisy Thinks She is a Baby.

  • Kraus, Robert. Whose Mouse Are You?

  • Loveless, Liz. 1,2 Buckle My Shoe.

  • McGuire, Leslie. Where Are My Toys?

  • Martin, Bill. Chicka, Chicka, Boom, Boom. Brown Bear, Brown Bear. Here Are My Hands.

  • Mayer, Mercer. Just Go to Bed. Play With Me.

  • Miller, Virginia. Bartholomew Bear : five toddler tales

  • Morris, Ann. This Little Baby’s Bedtime.

  • McNaughton, Colin. Little oops!, Little Goal!

  • Murphy, Mary, Here comes the rain

  • Nodset. Joan. Who Took the Farmer’s Hat.

  • Nye, Naomi Shihab. Baby Radar

  • Ormerod, Jan. This Little Nose. Ten in a bed

  • Perkins, Al. Hand, Hand, Finger Thumb.

  • Raffi. Everything Grows.

  • Rice. Eve. Sam Who Never Forgets.

  • Roddie, Shen. Good-bye, hello!

  • Roffey, Maureen. Bathtime.

  • Rogers, Paul. Somebody’s Sleepy.

  • Ross, Anna. Say Bye-Bye. I Did It. Quiet Time.

  • Ross, Tony. Happy Blanket.

  • Rosselson, Leon. Where’s My Mom.

  • Schwarts, Amy. A Teeny, Tiny Baby.

  • Theobalds, Prue. Wake Up, Teddies.

  • Van Laan, Nancy. Scrubba dub, Tickle tum

  • Watanabe, Shiegeo. Daddy, Play with Me. I Can Take a Bath. How do I Put It On?

  • Wells, Rosemary. Max’s New Suit. Max’s Ride.

  • Wilkin. Eloise. So Big.

  • Williams, Sue. I Went Walking.

  • Williams, Vera. More, More, More, Said the Baby.

  • Wood, Audrey. Oh, My Baby Bear. Piggies.

  • Wood, Jacki. One Bear With Bees in His Hair. Moo, Moo, Brown Cow.

  • Zolotow, Charlotte. But Not Billy.



                                                                                        Collections of Nursery Rhymes:

Most nursery rhyme collections are found in the 398.8 sections of the library. Be sure to check both the juvenile and the easy book non-fiction sections. The following are special collections:

Mother Goose board books – 5 volume collection

Nursery rhymes – kit with felt board pieces

Shelley Duvall's rock n Rhymeland – Video

1001 rhymes & fingerplays : for working with young children / compiled by the Totline

"All-time favorite nursery rhymes" [sound recording] / concept by Dieter Wilkinson

"Animal nursery rhymes" (sound recording) compiled by Angela Wilkes.

"Baby's nursery rhymes" [videorecording] / sung by Phylicia Rashad


                                                                   My friend and fellow storyteller, Judy Nichols sent me the following:

In the library catalog look under the following subject headings:

Judy Nichols has written a wonderful resource book called:

Storytimes for Two-Year-Olds. It is currently out of print but can be found in a library search.

Here are some of Judy’s favorites concerning literacy:

Chupela, Dolores. Ready, Set, Go!

DeSalvo, Nancy. Beginning With Books.

Jeffery, Debby Ann. Literate Beginnings.

Kaye, Peggy. Games with Books.

Kuffner, Trish. Picture Book Activities.

MacDonald, Margaret Read. Bookplay.

Sitarz, Paula G. Picture Book Story Hours.

Toole, Amy L. Off to a Good Start

Here are more books on choosing books, stories, and activities from Judy’s bibliography:

Using children's books in preschool settings : a how-to-do-it manual / Steven Herb and Sara Willoughby-Herb.


                                                                                  Creative idea books to extend stories and books:

Books by Mary Jo Huff


Themeasaurus I & II by Jean Warren

Toddler time / by Francesca Simon ; illustrated by Susan Winter

Using children's books in preschool settings : a how-to-do-it manual / Steven Herb and Sara Willoughby-Herb

Story Stretcher books by Shirley Raines, et al:

  • Story stretchers for infants, toddlers, and twos : experiences, activities, and games for popular children's books
  • More story s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-r-s : more activities to expand children's favorite books
  • Story stretchers : activities to expand children's favorite books
     - Story stretchers for the primary grades : activities to expand children's favorite books




Best of the "Mailbox Magazine":

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Also available: Busy Kids: ABCs & 123s, Busy Kids: Fine-Motor Fun, Busy Kids: Songs & Rhymes, and Busy Kids: Storytime.

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