How to Set-up an after-school Storytelling Club

Around the United States, many tellers are setting up Storytelling Clubs. Some are after school and some are during school time. My own experience was with an after-school group. I was lucky enough to have the school search for a storyteller. So, I did not have to go to them to try to "sell" them on the idea of storytelling. This small group of third and fourth graders met once a week for an hour and a half. I shared the times with fellow storyteller, Sherry Norfolk. Our goal was to get the students to tell at the St. Louis Storytelling Festival at the end of the year.. Sherry and I have different styles of storytelling and teaching. So, the kids got the best of both worlds. I took my experiences and those of other tellers who work with students to develop a workshop for after-school teachers in the St. Louis Public Schools. Below is an out line of the day with links to the various papers I presented.

I. Introduction -

A. Short bio of how I came to do this workshop

B. Ask the attendees what storytelling experience they had

C. Tell the modified version of Filling a Room  found in Raising Voices

II.  Discuss points in the handout - 42 Reasons For Teaching Storytelling compiled by Victoria Gregor

III. Discuss various parts of the handout The Storytelling Club

A. Getting Started

B. The Beginning Meeting

C. Meeting Structure

D. Choosing a Story to Tell

E. Telling the Story

F. Ending the Meeting

G. References

H. Where to Go From Here


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