A Storytellers' Olio of Pix



Marilyn and Heather Harlan at The Abbey in Belleville, IL         

for a StL Storytelling  Later Tales Performance. 2011               


             Don Davis, Jim Two Crows Wallen, Dan Keding, me and                           Oaxaca, Mexico 2010                                   Nan's Birthday Party

         Sheila Kay Adams at the first Cape Girardeau Festival in 2007              Writers and Storytellers with Jim May       With Lynn Rubright and Annette Harrison


                                                                                           My Riverwind Storytellers   2011                                                                                                         



I'm here with my good friend Nan Kammann-Judd after she was                     Oracle Awards with fantastic ensemble of tellers          

honored for her years of service on the NSN board.                                         I presented 2 awards that evening.

Kingsport Conference, 2000                                                                                             Phoenix, AZ 2014


The Cincinnati Conferene in 2012, was such a memorable one. Here I am after having just performed my first fringe "Time Brings Roses." These are fantastic tellers who asked me join them for supper that night. From the left - me, Ellen Munds, Carol Birch (I'm her #1 fan), Gay Ducey, Syd Lieberman, Sue O'Halloran, Lynne Marony, Linda Yakomoto, and Beth Horner. My very good friend, Nan Kammann, took the pic.


                                               Another wonderful moment captured by Nan. Ellen, Carol and Gay. I felt like I was seated with Royalty!!