Why Include Storytelling in School?

                       The following thoughts were developed by Linda King Pruitt and Marilyn Kinsella

bulletListening skills are enhanced, increased concentration and ability to recall information
bulletOral speaking skills are developed, self-expression, self-esteem and self-confidence increased.
bulletDevelop the ability to interpret events beyond an immediate experience.
bulletShare and create an experience that is both common to the assembled group and yet is an exceptionally personal experience.
bulletContribute to the social and cognitive development through a shared experience - to feel joy for anotherís happiness or sadness at their misfortune
bulletReading stories improves language skills such as vocabulary, comprehension, sequencing and story recall, and children become familiar with the characteristic rhythms and structures of language and story.
bulletWriting is enhanced as students hear and tell their own stories. Standard story components such as beginning and ending, plot, characters, setting, and theme come more naturally to children who listen to story.
bulletStorytelling promotes inventive thinking and problem-solving skills, expands the imagination and broadens studentís knowledge base.
bulletHearing stories from around the world creates an awareness and appreciation of other ethnic cultures.
bullet It gives a means of structure to the individualís daydreams and fantasies.
bulletStorytelling fulfills many of the state-mandated educational guidelines not only in Language Arts but in Science, Social Studies, but even in Mathematics
bulletStorytelling enhances existing school events Ė Book Fairs, Family Reading Nights, Native American Days, Pioneer Days, Multicultural Days, Earth Days, Red Ribbon Week, Catholic Schools Week, American Education Week, and more.
bulletStorytelling introduces many standard unit lessons Ė The Holocaust, The Depression, WW2, Rainforests and other biomes, and more.
bulletUseful study guides give teachers ideas to bring back to the classroom and spark their own creativity to develop extension activities on their own.
bulletMany stories fit into character development themes advocated by the schools.
bulletTo expand the young personís worldview in a non-threatening atmosphere.
bulletHelp the appreciation of the childís own heritage and that of others

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