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                      Bunches of Munches

                                     Study Guide


A boy named Robert Munsch
Wouldn't eat his lunch.
He'd throw it ALL away!
What a waste of a lunch!
Said his mother, Mrs. Munsch
Each and every day.
So, a clever Mrs. Munsch
Packed him a NEW lunch
Of pickled pigs feet, rotten shark meat
And pickled people thumb.
and threw the PB&J away!

                 By - Second grader, Isabella


Bridget loves to color and she wants markers instead of crayons She beg her mother who ends up giving her 1. washable markers 2. Smelly markers  3. Indelible markers. (super-duper indelible never come off till your dead markers). She marks herself up with the indelible markers and thinks she can hide the marks by covering her in “Bridget” colored marker. When her mother makes washes her, it comes off. Her mother calls the doctor who prescribes an orange pill. After she takes it and showers – all the color comes off and she’s invisible. Bridget again colors herself with a “Bridget” marker. Her mother says no one will believe her, but she says she covered her daddy with indelible marker and then with “Daddy “ colored marker and she had never even noticed. 

The following ideas use three of Robert Munsch's stories - Pigs! The Paperbag Princess and Purple, Green, and Yellow


STATE GOAL 4:  Listen and speak effectively in a variety of situations.  4.A.1a;  4.A.1b; .4.A1c; .4.A1d;  4.B.1b

Robert Munch likes to ask a young audience member, "What is your name? What is your favorite thing to do?" From those two things he makes up a story. Ask your students to do the same. See what kind of stories develop.






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