Dig into Good: "Stories 'n Stones

Artifacts produced from one Burlington chert cobble.Artifacts produced from one Burlington chert cobble.

    It simply amazes me that the Kinsella’scome up with a fresh, new, exciting and fun program each and every year!”   Edwardsville Library                        

Since 2002, Award-winning, Experimental and Field Archaeologist, Larry Kinsella, and his wife, Professional Storyteller and author, Marilyn Kinsella (aka Taleypo, the Storyteller) have combined their talents to produce informative, entertaining, hands-on programs for colleges, schools, libraries, museums, and special events. This year they pair Marilyn’s riveting stories of the Ancient Ones with  Larry’s many experiences at archaeological  digs and his demos and displays on  stone tools. A Question and Answer session follows each one-hour program. Marilyn begins by telling the Iroquois Legend - "Skunny Wundy and the Stone Giant" "...with skin as tough as flint, faces, like masks - carved from granite, and eyes that shone like blackest obsidian." Larry gives talks and demos on flintknapping, granite axes, and obsidian arrow points. After Marilyn tells "The Whistling Tsonoquas"..."they started a hot roaring fire and then covered it with grass so it would burn slowly...for a while," Larry gives a demo on hand-drill fire-making. This program is appropriate for K-adult. However, the stories and program content change, if the audience is primarily K-3 to make it more age appropriate. All primitive pictures are stone tool replications made by Larry.


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