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                                                                       MARILYN A. KINSELLA


 PROPS:  A Brownie or Girl Scout beanie or sash; a cookie strapped to girl puppet’s hand

 PUPPETS:  Girl Puppet (G) and Witch (W)


SCENE: at Witch Gwendolyn house

W.  You know, I just don’t understand it.  I live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and yet, nobody ever comes to my door.  It’s not like my house is walking around on chicken legs like my cousin Baba Yaga.  I wonder, could it be?  Do I have…bad breath. (breathes into hand, then sniffs)  Nope, minty fresh.  Could it be that my house has H. O. - house odor? (sniffs the air) Nope, I plugged in my Knotty Pine plug-in just last year.  Smells like a forest in here.  So what gives?  Why doesn’t anyone ever visit me?   (knock-knock) Whoa, what was that?  (knock-knock)  The mice must really be gettin’ pretty big to make that much noise.

G.    (knock-knock - from off stage)  Ms. Witch, are you in there?

W.  Of course, I’m here.  It’s my house isn’t it?  Well, don’t just stand there come on in. 

G.    Ms. Witch, it’s not very polite to yell at your visitor.  The polite thing to do is to come to the door and invite the person into your home. 

W.  Oh, yeah, right, I know that.  Now what are you doing here.

G.    Well, I’m with Brownie Troop 12 and we are selling cookies.  As a special promotion we are giving away free samples.

W.  Girl Scout cookies, eh?   So what kind are you peddling this year. 

G.    Well, let’s see, we’ve got - crispy critters and luscious moon pies.

           We’ve got raspberry tarts and lemon surprise.

           There’s chocolatey devil’s food  and angel cake strudel

           And, if that’s not enough, we’ve got animal crackers and fresh snickerdoodles.

W.  Okay, okay, gimme one of your luscious moon pies.

G.    What’s the magic word?

W.  Magic word? Magic word?  Why witches have lots of magic words.  How about “Alakazam- alakazoo your face is red and your nose is blue.”

G.    No, that’s not the magic word.

W.  How about “Hocus Pocus you’re outa focus.”

G.    Ms. Witch, I’m talking about thee magic word.

W.  A-la peanut butter sandwich?

G.    Ms Witch, everybody here knows the magic word.  Whenever you want something you say this word.

W.  Okay, enough of the 20 questions, what is it?

G.    Boys and girls, can you help Ms. Witch out?  What is the magic word. (wait for “please”)  That’s right - please.  It makes you sound ever so much friendlier and polite.  Then, you can say, “thank you” and then I say “your welcome.”  That’s just the way it’s done.

W.  Gee, do you think that’s why everybody avoids coming to my house?

G.    Well, that, and the garlic cloves hanging from the mailbox kind of turns people off. 

W.  Where did learn about all this manners stuff, anyway. 

G.    My mom and dad started me off real early learning about being polite and then the Girl Scout leader told us a story around the campfire one night that I never forgot. 

W.  A story?  I love stories.  Can you tell it to me?

G.    I can tell it just like she did.

(Storyteller tells a story involving manners - Sleeping Ugly by Yolen or Piggybook by Browne)


Act 2

W.  Heh, heh, heh, - that was a great story.  I liked the part where they started to change into pigs (snort - like a pig) Oh dear, I hope it’s not too late for me! 

G.    It’s never too late to learn a few manners, Ms. Witch.

W.  But, how will I ever remember all those words?

G.    That will be easy.  I’ll teach a little song our Girl Scout leader made up to the tune of Frere Jacques.  You boys and girls can help Ms. Witch out by singing along:

Say please and thank you

Say God bless you

Be polite/ day and night

Say please and thank you

Say God bless you

You are welcome

You are welcome


Bow and curtsy neatly

Smile ever sweetly

Be polite/ day and night

Bow and curtsy neatly

Smile ever sweetly

You are welcome

You are welcome


Say “Mother may I”

Say “Father may I”

Be polite/ day and night

Say “Mother may I”

Say “Father may I”

You are welcome

You are welcome.


W.  Now that I can remember the magic words…May I please have a cookie?

G.    Sure, Ms. Witch, here’s one I know you’ll like - black forest delight!

W.  Thank you!

G.    Got a go.

W.  Wait a minute, Little Missy, aren’t you forgetting something?

G.    Huh?  What’s that?

W.  (ahem)You’re welcome?”

G.    Oh yeah - you’re welcome, Ms. Witch. (exits)

W.  (watches as she leaves then turns to audience) It just warms my heart to know that I can teach this younger generation a thing or two about manners.