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 Answers below: (please write me - with your own trivia question...and answer)

  1. Name the three buildings that were constructed at the 6401 West Main site.
  2. What was the school's motto?
  3. What are the school's colors? What do they stand for?
  4. What was the Academy called before it changed location in Belleville?
  5. Can you remember the Notre Dame school song?
  6. What was the name of the School Newspaper?
  7. What year was the last AND school ring made? Which class was it given to? What did it have on it?
  8. Can you name any of the lay teachers in this pic?




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  1. Annunciation Hall (the oldest), Visitation Hall (the one with the most cracks), Regina Hall (the most recent and the only one still standing as a medical center)
  2. "Dare to be Different!"
  3. Blue for hope and White for purity
  4. The Immaculate Conception Academy
  5. Notre Dame School Song (you will earn extra points for this one!) This was not a trick question. I discovered later that there were more than one school song!


Tis our school so dear we shall never fear

While to her our hearts do cling

While our voice her praises sing

To her honor laurels bring.

And to her we’ll give while we e’er shall live

Devotion and our aid

For ‘tis a gift from above

That we cherish and love

With a heart that is undismayed

So we march along with colors flying

The white and blue, the white and blue

With glorious hue, with glorious hue.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Proclaims with joy that we are replying

To the taunts of the world

With our banner unfurled

Which means we shall win

Our colors white and blue

To them we’ll loyal be and true

Our hearts are thrilled to see

The blue for hope, the white for purity

Colors white and blue

To them we’ll loyal be and true

In our hearts shall enshrine

Notre Dame, our school, yours and mine.


6.  The Read-a-Wee

7.  It was made in 1972 (the last year for AND) given to the junior class & instead of having 1973 on it (as it would for the graduating year) it said JR 72.
Note from 1972 Junior...Rose Marie Neff - Hideg   Our class had spent the majority of our high school years at Notre Dame & wanted a class ring. They argued because we would not be graduating from AND but they eventually came up with a solution!

8. Top (L-R) Ms Soucy, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. Knauer  Bottom (L-R) Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Walsh



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