Memory Starters

Thank you for reading about the Academy and its rich history. To make it more personal to the alumni of each graduating class, I would like to include recollections of your time at the Academy. To facilitate your memory box, I have written a few memory starters to get the ball rolling. So, please take the time and write down a memory or two...or three. Feel free to copy and paste the following to questions below onto a document and then send it to me, Marilyn Kinsella, at Marilyn  For those of  you without computer access, please send the info to 645 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Fairview Heights, IL 62208. If you'd rather call me and I'll do an interview, just call 618/397-1377. I'd also like to ask you to send me any pictures circa your years at the Academy, any reunion info and pictures, and any Read-a-Wee newspapers. If you can scan them and send them...that would be an extra blessing.

I hope to have pages dedicated to each year. I'm sure each of us feels that our class was special, that our class stood out, and that our class was the most talented, intelligent, witty, likeable (oh-oh, I think I'm mixing that up with our grandkids!) You know what I mean. We are proud of our class and the memories we built at the Academy. So, please share. Don't think you need to answer all the questions...just those that elicit a memory or two. Here's a pic to get your memory juices flowing:



Name ________________________________________(maiden and current)

Graduating class of ________________

Parish (if applicable)_____________________________

Hopefully, these memory boosters gave you time to reflect. Perhaps some other memory popped in your head....please share!


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