The Quintessential Sesquicentennial Stories of the Civil War

                                                                                  Presented by


                                                    Marilyn A. Kinsella


It's in the details! The Civil War can be a daunting...haunting subject. As a storyteller, Marilyn Kinsella finds the heart of the those details. Battles, Generals, Politics take second stage as the minutia emerges to tell spin a good story. Marilyn Kinsella, storyteller, knows how to spin such a tale. She takes the facts, half-truths and downright fantasies as she draws her listeners into her stories. She combines just the right amount of folklore, history, urban legends and ghostly hauntings to spin her yarns.  Each program is 45-minutes with time for Q&A. The programs she offers include:
bulletCivil War Music to Soothe the Savage Beast: How music was instrumental in providing: a sense of peace; a call to arms; a Morse code, of sorts; a revelry for weary soldiers. These facts lead to two stories about songs still used today - Taps and (for older students) Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. Music and ballads include: a genesis of the camp song Say Brother Will You Meet Us to John Brown's Body to The Battle Hymn of the Republic and an inside look at the famous ballad/poem by John Greenleaf Whittier called Barbara Frietchie and The Star Spangled BannerClick here to see the full story.
bulletBelieve It Or Not...It Happened in the Civil War: The people, places, and events...that were strange - yet fascinating. Many military "firsts" happened in the Civil War. These facts lead to a story called Going Ballistic - a mysterious rocket that was said to have been launched to demolish the White House. What happened to it? Is it still orbiting the's a mystery!
bulletDaughters of the Regiment: Women wore both blue and gray to serve the War Between the States. Facts about well-known women - Clara Barton and Harriet Tubman lead to stories about fictionalized women who meet on the battlefield.
bulletGray Ghosts and Blue Spirits:- After exploring the ghostly haunts that still send chills, Marilyn tells a fictionalized story using the facts and fantasies of certain sightings.